Attract Clients the Fun Way

Establish your authority when online. Every time!

The LinkedIn magic to attracting clients lies in your comments and the first few seconds people spend on your profile. I am about to help 13 people (that’s my fav number) how to really hone this commenting skill AND make 3 profile changes right there and then so that your dream client keeps reading.

Is this your daily LinkedIn routine?

  • You read your DMs and not a single one is an inquiry from potential clients.
  • You check your notifications and there are no tags where your expertise is called for.
  • You have a look at who viewed your profile and see random people instead of possible leads.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

Imagine hopping on LinkedIn and noticing that people have tagged you when people ask for help in your area of expertise. Imagine checking who’s viewed your profile and they are all people that hit the sweet spot to be your dream client. Just imagine that leads suddenly seem to be everywhere…

A bit farfetched? Nope, you just need to make a few tweaks to how you show up on LinkedIn! It’s as easy as counting to three…

  1. Stop randomly liking
  2. Start purposeful commenting
  3. Convert with your profile

Liking without commenting is the fastest way to kill your personal brand on LinkedIn. It’s GOT TO STOP. Instead, make people stop. Get them to pay attention and remember you.

When people click through to your profile, they’ll decide in seconds to read on or move on. Gotta nail that first impression so that they keep reading the good stuff. That’s all.

LinkedIn Training-Petra Fisher-LinkedIn Coach- Consultant (18)
LinkedIn Training-Petra Fisher-LinkedIn Coach- Consultant (36)
Hey hey I see you, you purpose-driven, values-based, impact making or otherwise world changing do-gooder. You and I, we have this thing in common, right? We want to use our talent, skills and expertise to create a positive impact.

I’m Petra Fisher, social worker turned entrepreneur too shy for acquisition and averse to all the icky stuff. After 12 years in business I can confidently say that it is easy to turn your network into raving fans, referring ambassadors and amazing clients. Seriously, if I can do it, so can you!

Within a few weeks, my profile views went up, people were posting comments, and I am connecting with relevant people with a shared interest or a need that I can help with.

Fern Chan

New York United States

What’s amazing about Petra is the way she can read your mind, challenge those ideas that are holding you back AND give you a kick up the backside at the same time.

Garen Bell

Ripon, United Kindom

I had all these ideas in my head. But after talking them through with Petra, I gained clarity. I’m now more intentional in what I do on LinkedIn.

Susan Kiamba

Nairobi, Kenya


Sure your LinkedIn profile needs to convert visitors into leads. Let them feel as soon as they land that they have arrived at the right place. Your LinkedIn profile needs to make people want to book a call with you AND make it easy to do so.

Firstly though, people need to land on your profile. They might find you through a search, but you could be in for a long wait.

You need to make sure that they notice you. That they remember what it is you do. Give them a feel of what it could be like to work with you. You need to be so visible for your expertise, that people immediately think of you when something changes and suddenly your expertise is what they’re after. Be it tomorrow or next year, you need to be the first person that comes to mind.

Heck, even people who’ll never hire you need to be so clear on what you do, that they mention you when they meet your next client!

How do we make the magic happen?

You, me and 1 hour of your time! That’s all it takes. Our meeting takes place on Zoom so make sure you wear your most comfy PJs and have a nice cuppa tea at hand.

We’ll make 3 important changes to your profile AND spend the rest of the hour actively establishing your authority so that you turn your network into raving fans, referring ambassadors and amazing clients.


Within a year of working with Petra, I went from cold calling from my kitchen table to being found and contracted by clients through LinkedIn.
Rebecca Troch

Dusseldorf, Germany

Petra provided an insightful perspective on my LinkedIn profile. I very much appreciate the practical and actionable advice.

Amir Ghannad

Porto, Portugal

I can highly recommend Petra as a LinkedIn coach! Thanks to Petra’s expertise, I went from a LinkedIn reader to a LinkedIn leader in my industry.

Stefan Tonnon

Stockholm, Sweden

Petra helped me change my profile from a CV carbon copy to the story of who I am. I have never felt so confident about me just being me.
Shea Harty

Amsterdam, The Netherlands