Sales reps, conversation starters and your LinkedIn profile [reading time: 3 min]

What is the first thing a sales rep does when he enters your office? He has a good look around. He is looking for a common interest. A personal common interest to break the ice and start the conversation.

People conduct business with people

It all comes down to the KNOW – LIKE – TRUST. If someone likes you, trusts you, they are more likely to do business with you. This is what LinkedIn is all about. Making sure that people know you exist, like you and trust you.

So what about the sales rep and my profile?

The sales rep notices a miniature Ferrari on my desk and says: “Ghee, that’s nice. I have a soft spot for cabrio’s but this one is quite nice as well”. The ice is broken, there is a common interest on the personal level, this creates intimacy and trust.

Review someones profile for a common interest

Before you get in touch with a person, you are likely to check their LinkedIn profile. Don’t just look for experience, see if you can find out what interests them. By the way, what to people see when they check your profile?

Interests on your LinkedIn Profiel

This used to be a great place for a personal touch. Used to be, LinkedIn got rid of the interest part. You can still list some at the bottom of your summary if you like. Or find a way to slip them into your summary and job descriptions. They are a great starting point for people wanting to connect. Ghee, we are both LinkedIn trainer and mad about Earl Grey, lets catch up for a cuppa!

>>>What interests have you weaved into your profile?<<<