How to create interaction and engagement on LinkedIn [reading time: 60 sec]

LinkedIn-Tip-LinkedIn Powertip-Petra-Fisher-LinkedIn-Training-TrainerJust start a discussion in a LinkedIn group and Bob’s your uncle. Right? Wrong! You’d think people will respond to interesting discussions, but most of the time they don’t.

What makes that YOU respond to a discussion? Or and update? Or just to click the ‘like’ button? I am guessing you are more likely to respond when a question is asked or a thought provoking statement is made. Or maybe … maybe there were some people that already commented and this got your attention.

Embrace the first response to your discussion

Or to speak with Ted Sivers: “The first follower transforms a lone nut into a leader”. That is exactly what you need! Not being perceived as a voice crying out in the wilderness but as a  ‘thought leader’.

5 Steps to more interaction (and visibility) on LinkedIn

  1. Post regular status updates
  2. Start discussions in groups
  3. Entice readers to respond
  4. “Embrace your first follower”
  5. Respond to creater further dialogue

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