Membership: The LinkedIn Tea Lounge for Global Entrepreneurs

The Values-Driven LinkedIn Tea Lounge

THE global membership community where business owners dive into LinkedIn in a supportive, fun and accountable manner so that you magically attract just those clients that you LOVE to work with.

Imagine having fun with like-minded business owners and clients magically appearing out of thin air! Wouldn’t that be amazing? It’s actually not as far-fetched as it may sound. You and I both know that you offer amazing services to your clients. All we need to do now is get people talking behind your back (AKA referring to YOU as the expert in your field).

You know that for your business to thrive, word has to get out. How about doing that in a fun way rather than adding another chore to the list?  You can use paid advertising (not my cuppa tea) or work on your visibility in an organic way. LinkedIn is a brilliant platform to do just that. This is what we focus on in the “Tea Lounge”

Using LinkedIn for business means that you:

  • Share your expertise through posts that hold valuable information for your target audience.
  • Strategically comment on posts based on the topic or the network of the person who posted.
  • Continuously grow your network with the right people.
  • Keep your profile in line with the message you send out into the world.
  • In all off the above use the tone of voice that resonates with the clients that YOU love to work with.
LinkedIn Training-Petra Fisher-LinkedIn Coach- Consultant (31)
LinkedIn Training-Petra Fisher-LinkedIn Coach- Consultant (18)
How often do you read a great tip or strategy for LinkedIn and then… well, nothing! Join the LinkedIn Tea Lounge where you are prompted to take action and have a community of like-minded global entrepreneurs for accountability and to bounce ideas off.

Have you ever gotten frustrated (putting it mildly) when you see someone doing clever stuff with LinkedIn and you can’t figure out how they did it? In the LinkedIn Tea Lounge, you not only have the collective wisdom of the group, I pop in most days as well.

PS The global nature of the community, currently spread over 4 continents and 6 time zones, means you never have to wait that long for someone to reply.


My name is Petra Fisher and I am the founder of The Values-Based LinkedIn Tea Lounge, a global community for entrepreneurs who see the benefit of using LinkedIn, but can do with some help to make it an enjoyable part of their work.

I’ve made about every mistake there is to make on LinkedIn. Posting without engaging with others. Engaging with content without it strengthening my brand. Promoting out of the blue. I could go on for a bit here…

Bottom line, I did, as they say at The Coca-Cola company “fail fast”. The only way to learn, grow and innovate. These days, I know what works saving you the time I spent figuring it out.

While you use my tried and tested strategies to grow your brand on LinkedIn, I’ll keep on diving in headfirst.

LinkedIn Training-Petra Fisher-LinkedIn Coach- Consultant (36)


Meetings are held at 4 pm Amsterdam time, 10 am NYC time.

  • 1st Thursday: Pitches, Q&A and Hot Seats on anything LinkedIn
  • 2nd Thursday: Co-working / Implementation Session
  • 3rd Thursday: Masterclass by yours truly
  • 4th Thursday: Co-working / Implementation Session
  • 5th Thursday: Guest Speaker

* In July, Aug and Dec frequency may be reduced.

* When more people from Australia, NZ and East Asia join an additional timeslot will be added.


✔️ 24/7 Access to the private LinkedIn Group where you can ask questions, share wins, support each other and share one of your posts each week.

✔️ Extra resources such as videos, worksheets and walk-throughs based on questions asked by members.

✔️ Joining as an ANNUAL member your membership fee never goes up. At the moment it is €297 but on Christmas Eve (🎄merry x-mas to me 🤶🏽) the fee will be brought in line with the upgraded membership (there used to be just 2 meetings a month).

✔️ Join for just €297 and never pay the €570 that people soon start paying (it works out to just €5.71 a week that’s 2 teas to go)



per month your flexible choice


annual your  economic choice

Your membership of The Values-Driven LinkedIn Tea Lounge is just €35 per month. This includes live zoom meetings every week, Q&A, Hot Seats, Co-working, Masterclass, Guest Speakers and unlimited sparring with other business owners in a safe, fun & global environment: our own private LinkedIn Group!

Having WEEKLY meetings is new, this is doubling the live access you have to me and the other members and yes, it also means the fee is going to double. Mind you, when you join at the annual rate, you’ll always renew at THAT rate. In other words, join now at €297 and when you renew in a year’s time you still only pay €297 instead of €570

Membership goes up from €35 p/m (€297 annually) to €57 p/m (€570 annually) in...









  • Love a bit of accountability to stay on track.
  • Want the benefits of a mastermind in a low-key, casual manner.
  • Are clear on the services you offer in your business.
  • Know who your dream client is.
  • Like some fun and games thrown in.
  • Have a LinkedIn account and at least 50 connections.
  • Enjoy learning and growing together.


  • Tend to sign up but forget to show up.
  • Hate social media.
  • Are looking for a done-for-you service.
  • Need to take out a loan to pay the membership.
  • You believe (and are happy) that Trump won the 2020 election.
  • Proudly wear real fur.
  • Think recycling is what destroys our planet.
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