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The video starts a bit abrupt, as I trimmed off the beginning with all the “stay on mute, questions in the chat” that kinda stuff. Not exactly interesting in a replay. Likewise, I chopped off a bit at the end. When you watch the training with your workbook (download link below the video) you will need to pause when I ask you to spend 3 minutes on your workbook. I cut out those 3×3 minutes as well, so you don’t have to look at the tops of people’s heads who are working. All in all this means that you can watch a 1 hour and 40 minutes training in just 1 over an hour. BAM (I know, I am amazing).

To make the most out of this training session, make sure you have the workbook handy. You don’t need to print it, you can fill it out online. Just make sure you download and save your copy first. Then open the workbook from your computer. That way you can fill it out online and save with your entries. If you click the link and work in it directly, you won’t be able to save it with your entries. That would be a waste or time, right?


I had all these ideas in my head. But after talking them through with Petra, I gained clarity. Hearing her repeat back to me what she had understood and then seeing and reading her strategy notes in many colors brought it all together for me.

I loved being part of the Slack community. The lessons from the weekly session, presentation, video and worksheets were reinforced in the group. Watching others implement also gave me ideas for how I could do the same thing.

I now see the bigger picture and the supporting pillars for my focus area. I now have a better idea of how to structure and plan content along with theme areas. And I'm now more intentional in what I do on LinkedIn.

Susan Kiamba | Career Development Trainer

Petra's classes are full of actionable tips, strategies, and feedback delivered in a way that feels like both a kick in the pants and an affectionate hug.

Equally important, the sessions are engaging and fun, which enhances the learning process.

And, she knows the BEST people. Every person I have met in Petra's class or tea is absolutely delightful, smart, and generous.

Petra encourages and facilitates collaboration so that you don't just learn from her, you also learn from each other. I miss our Friday mornings!

Susan Vogel Foley | Change Facilitation Consultant & Coach

I wanted (want) to convert LinkedIn commenters and connections to clients, or at least real prospects who want to hear about how I may be able to help them with my leadership and management development coaching.

Working with Petra I got clarification of the various ways that I can become more visible and attractive to my potential audience.

I am now getting a more consistent and higher number of profile views, and I am more consistently following up with a "thanks for stopping by. . ." response.

This has led to several hopeful linkups that I am nurturing.

Richard Lewine | Leadership Management Specialist

I recently participated in Petra’s Stop Wasting Time on LinkedIn course and loved it. The course started with an individual strategy session with Petra in which she really got to the nitty-gritty of what it was I wanted to get out of LinkedIn – so no generic ‘what do you do on LinkedIn' type questions, but really in-depth questions about who I follow, why and to what end. And there was no getting away with vague answers such as ‘oh, I want to expand my network’, Petra pushed me to really think about the why and what for.

The remaining sessions were in a small group but still with individual feedback every week – amazing how well Petra was able to refer back to each participant’s individual needs. It kept us all focused and on our toes! With Petra’s guidance, my activity on LinkedIn has changed dramatically: fewer ‘likes’ and more comments that say something about me and the service I offer. My LinkedIn stats show that this is really making a difference to my visibility and engagement levels.

I was particularly pleased with how well Petra kept the course and us participants in line – not an easy thing when we’re all online. The lessons always started and finished on time, no-one was allowed to dominate the discussion and she didn’t allow the conversation to drift off on a tangent.

If you really want to get serious on LinkedIn, I would highly recommend Petra; whichever of her courses you choose to follow will be money well spent!

Jane Pocock | Editor & Translator

As a communication & presentation skills specialist, I like training to be well-structured, -communicated and -delivered. Petra’s course was excellent on all counts.

I liked the blended approach of a one-to-one strategy session with Petra in week one, followed by small group sessions for the remaining weeks.

Petra shared her expertise with us in short training sessions, but for me, the real value was in the review of each person’s LinkedIn activity.

Petra demonstrated how we could show our expertise by commenting strategically on posts. The suggestions were clearly explained and delivered in Petra’s unique humorous style 😊

The "Get Noticed on LinkedIn" program helped me get more focused about how I spend my time on LinkedIn. I am now more strategic in my approach and am confident that if I continue to implement the tips from the programme, I will continue to get even better traction on LinkedIn.

Maureen McCowen | Presentation Skills Specialist

As a Global Marketing Executive, I am used to building marketing organizations that drive growth. Yet to consistently build my personal brand, I was missing some discipline and methodology to start producing and sharing relevant content on a daily.

It was great to work with Petra to refine my personal brand, develop it with relevant posts/updates/articles... and stick to it!

The way the "Get Noticed on LinkedIn" progam builds up worked really well. Start simple by engaging in conversations EVERY DAY till you find your tone of voice and area of expertise, then start producing posts/updates/articles.

By doing it every day and reporting progress the following week I kept on track and kept finetuning my actions.

This resulted in me (1) being found in many more searches, and (2) receiving invites from peers (i.e. useful contacts) on a daily basis.

Francois Giraud | Global Marketing Director

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