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free linkedin webinar for entrepreneurs by Petra Fisher - independent LinkedIn Training Consultant

Learn how to make LinkedIn ENJOYABLE & PROFITABLE.

Join me in this free, fun & live webinar and discover the 3 biggest misconceptions about LinkedIn that are holding you back from attracting clients organically! Register now for instant access to your own private watch party!

Get your LinkedIn Life sorted and have fun while you’re doing it! Petra really knows her stuff and what she teaches works – it’s that simple.  Thanks so much Petra. Awesome stuff!

~ Sloan Wilkins ~

I didn’t know how to leverage LinkedIn whilst staying authentic. Thanks to Petra  I am now more aware of the value I bring to others and feel now confident using LinkedIn.

~ Béatrice Blondiau ~

Petra is very knowledgeable and the sessions were well organised, professional and fun. She also has very strong coaching skills and it helped me a lot to spend some self-reflection time.

~ Christophe Pin ~

You may not be active or visible on LinkedIn, but your competition is! They are the ones that people on LinkedIn refer to when they read a post asking for your expertise. Luckily it is quite easy and fun to become so visible on LinkedIn, that your network starts talking behind your back (in a good way). That people mention YOU when your expertise is called for.

I’ve heard many reasons why people don’t dive into LinkedIn, which makes me sad, as often they are big, fat misconceptions holding people back from organically attracting clients through LinkedIn. This is why I want to talk you through three that I hear over and over again so that these silly notions no longer stop you from becoming the talk of LinkedIn Town!

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Sure there is more to LinkedIn success. Willy nilly connecting, posting and commenting will not get you clients. You need to know what you’re doing and stick to a plan.

I’ve been in business for 11 years and have done ZERO prospecting, cold calling or other scary sales stuff.

?But BEFORE any of it will work, you need to get rid of some notions that are holding you back!



  • Discover the three biggest misconceptions that hold you back from success with LinkedIn.
  • Learn how you can make LinkedIn an ENJOYABLE & PROFITABLE experience.
  • Find out how others did/do it.
  • Understand that if I can do it, anyone can.
  • Learn what I do myself and with every paid clients I work with, I’ll show you for free.

Posting on LinkedIn doesn’t have to be all that different from posting on other social media. Yet, LinkedIn is distinctly different from any other social media.

Linkedin is where you share the narrative of your career. It is your online rolodex AND low key networking place.

It is searchable for people, content, services and a stack more.

All that AND it is social media where you can share posts in any format that you prefer. How about that!

TL;DR; Post and engage to share your knowledge freely, become highly visible for your expertise AND when people check your profile there is all the proof they need to know that YOU have the right expertise, skills and personality to work with.

So what’s holding you back? Join the webinar and discover that LinkedIn can be ENJOYABLE & PROFITABLE for you and your business!

I’m so thankful I came across Petra’s training. Not only is her content awesome, but she is also down-to-earth and funny. You’ll have a good laugh throughout the program.

~ Fern Chan ~

Skills, copywriting, proofreading, know-how and wisdom all served with a side of wise-ass. That’s what Petra offers as a LinkedIn coach.

~ Gabriele Nicolet ~

Working with Petra I got clear on the various ways that I can become visible to my audience. I am now getting more consistent and a higher number of profile views.

~ Richard Lewine ~