LinkedIn Visibility Roller-Coaster

If you want to combine a LinkedIn Profile that resonates with your ideal next client (or employer) and a LinkedIn Strategy so they will notice you, then you need to hop aboard the LinkedIn Visibility Roller-Coaster with Petra Fisher (that’s me).


Let me get you started today! Feeling overwhelmed when you even think about it? Fixing up your profile, publishing articles, actively engaging with your network, finding the right people… don’t see the LinkedIn trees through the woods? No clue where to get started; how to go about it? Not even sure if you really need to do all of this?


My brutally honest and straightforward assessment addresses your LinkedIn Profile, Strategy (or lack of) and actions taken so far. This will be the starting point to go from zero (or 0.87) to hero. In other words: to being well known for your expertise with your target audience. BOOM just like that!

Thanks, so much, for the scan. Your comments are spot on. Not necessarily good for the ego, but that’s not why I asked. Your recommendations are easy to implement and very sensible.
~ Mark Zazeela ~


Your ideal clients (or next employer) will never be able to overlook you again. It’s an easy 5 step process. You just buy your ticket, hop on the roller-coaster, buckle up, enjoy the ride, cherish the memories. How does that translate to us working together?

Step 1: Sign up and show me the money.
Step 2: Complete the assessment you receive.
Step 3: Sit back while I’ll conduct a quick scan of your profile and review your assessment.
Step 4: Grab a cuppa, pen and paper, and fire up Skype for our 30-minute call.
Step 5: Obsessively check your inbox for my step by step plan of attack.


Your biggest investment: time and dedication.
– About 10 minutes to fill out the assessment.
– Half an hour Skype and then the time you need to implement my action steps.
Money-wise your investment is just €100. Seriously, can you say no to that?

Are ready to become seriously visible?

This visibility roller-coaster is unique in that it addresses your profile and your strategy to get people to notice said profile. It is a fast paced kick up the backside into action really. Some of the feedback might hurt. Just like on a roller-coaster you either laugh out loud or want to get out NOW. But in the end you’ll be glad you hopped on. The souvenir picture (the written feedback) allows you to relive the experience at your own pace; putting the step by step plan of attack into action.

Petra did a “Quick LinkedIn Review”. Might have been quick for her, but was very powerful and enlightening for me. Solid, no-nonsense comments and recommendations. Any failings in my profile from here on in are simply that I have not got around to following her advice and not because she missed it.
~ Stephan Breban ~


  1. An assessment that consists of your answers reviewed by me personally, I am old school, no automated outcomes here.
  2. A LinkedIn Profile Quick Scan sold as a stand-alone service for €20.
  3. A 30 minute Skype call about what stands out. I’ll ask questions, share my thoughts and move at a pace that makes you wonder what hit you (remember, we only have 30 minutes).
  4. Just in case you can’t take notes as quickly as I can talk, I will send you an email with FOUR attachments:
    – your answers to the assessment;
    – the profile quick scan;
    – a prioritised list of action steps as discussed in our call;
  5. Your personal strategy; and
    – BONUS: my 30 min strategy to become, and stay, top of mind in your industry!

Are ready to become seriously visible?

Still now sure if this is the right thing for you?

I’ll make your mind up for you! I just know, with absolute certainty … this is NOT right for you. Nope, if it was, you would have booked your ticket by now. Maybe you just want to go for some feedback and a DIY workbook. Go about it at your own pace right from the start. In that case the LinkedIn Profile Quick-Scan is right up your alley.