How would you like a LinkedIn presence that naturally attracts your ideal client or employer? Today first impressions are made online and you don’t get a 2nd change to make that 1st impression. What you need is a LinkedIn Profile that brilliantly resonates with the ‘audience’ you want to reach.

Think about it…

Your LinkedIn profile is a webpage. People decide in a matter of seconds if they will read on or move on.

  • What impression does your LinkedIn profile leave on its visitors?
  • Do people immediately know what you can do for them?
  • Do you speak in the right tone of voice for your ideal audience?

And once you have that good-looking profile (stunning just like you really), does it just sit pretty?
Are you actively engaging to get noticed? Do you know how to take advantage of all the features LinkedIn has to offer?

I’ll show you how to leverage LinkedIn to its full potential. Together we’ll create a LinkedIn Profile that brilliantly resonates with your ideal next client. We’ll develop a strategy to ensure the world knows you for your expertise. With over 20 years experience in consulting, training & coaching I am confident I can teach you a thing or two. Feel free to prove me wrong. 🙂


do it yourself option
€ 20
  • Itemised 13-point report
  • Feedback that gets you thinking
  • Workbook to DIY improve your profile


full day working together
€ 897
  • Online preparation questionnaire
  • 6-hour hands-on session Skype or on site
  • Google doc with notes from our session
  • 2 Weeks email support
  • 30 Min skype follow-up within 1 month
  • Workbook to DIY for future fine-tune
  • + BONUS RESOURCE: “More LinkedIn Tips than you can poke a stick at”



2 hours to get you going
€ 247
  • 1 Hour Skype interview
  • Insight in who you really are
  • Understanding of how to rewrite your profile
  • One entry under education totally revamped
  • One entry under experience written like you didn’t know you could
I know myself better than before Petra helped me! Petra challenged me to totally rewrite my LinkedIn profile from a dull description of what I have done to a daring description of who I am and what makes me unique. LinkedIn is my main acquisition channel, so I am grateful that now I can really stand out towards my potential clients. It was fun to work with Petra. She is a true gem in the field knowing exactly what she’s talking about. She works from a true believe that a profile based on authenticity attracts the right audience. I can only second that. ~ Lucien Dantuma ~


Once your profile is up to scratch, it’s time to talk strategy.

Your LinkedIn profile doesn’t make a buzz by itself. There are specific actions you can take to make sure your profile is noticed by the right people.

  • How to make sure you are seen by potential clients or recruiters?
  • How do we build your reputation?
  • How do we make a plan that is easy to fit into your schedule?

These are just some of the questions that get addressed in a LinkedIn Strategy Jumpstart session.



Why join a group program? And what is a program, rather than a workshop? The group program is a small group of people working on all aspects of their – active- LinkedIn presence.

The program has an individual component and online group meetings. Effectively you get ALL that is part of the Quick-Scan + Profile Reboot + ALL that is part of the Strategy Jumpstart + feedback from group-members as opposed to just little old me + 8 weeks support instead of the 2 weeks included in the Reboot.

The best part is? By working in a small group, I’ve been able to bring the price down for you:

  • Quick-Scan €20
  • + Reboot €897
  • + Jumpstart €387
  • + 6 week additional email support €294
  • = €1.598

Working together in a small group means you only pay the pretty round number of €900



  • Fixing up your profile
  • Publishing articles
  • Actively engaging with your network
  • Finding the right people…

No clue where to get started; how to go about it? Not even sure if you really need to do all of this? Let me get you started today! I’ll assess your profile, (lack of) strategy and provide you with a step by step action plan.