Are you after a LinkedIn Presence that naturally attracts your next ideal client or employer? First impressions are made online; you don’t get a 2nd chance to make that 1st impression. What you need is a LinkedIn Profile that brilliantly resonates with the ‘audience’ you want to reach.

Once you have that good-looking profile (as stunning as you), do you sit back or get into the action? Position yourself as the expert in your field. Engage with the right people in a natural manner. No gimmicks, tricks or tools. Old-fashioned elbow grease.

Are you ready? I am! With over 20 years’ experience in consulting, training & coaching I am confident I can teach you a thing or two. Feel free to prove me wrong.



LinkedIn Profile Kick-Start €300
This choice is great if you feel you can do it yourself once I just show you how. We won’t finish a single thing! 🙂 The interview goes for an hour, not covering your whole career. We’ll write one entry in education and one in experience. My notes come as they are (not necessarily legible) as a photograph of my notebook. This is the budget friendly choice for the committed self-starter. More Info & Booking

Complete LinkedIn Profile Make-Over €1100
We start with a Skype interview where you sit back and I do the work (AKA Professional Soul Searching €250). Next, we work together for 3 hours straight. Skype or an Amsterdam location (AKA Perfect Profile Writing €400). To be respectful of your time, I’ll draft all entries we haven’t covered (AKA Profile Draft Writing €250). We finish with a joint writing session (3 hours €400). Putting the cherry on the cake: ask me any questions that pop-up in your head in a 30 min follow up Skype (€100). These menu items add up to €1400, ordered as a set menu you only pay €1100. More Info & Booking


LinkedIn Profile Quick-Scan €20
Your profile needs work, but you don’t know where to start. How about you start right here with the LinkedIn Profile Quick-Scan? You receive my 13-point feedback report. I’ll throw in my LinkedIn Profile Workbook so you can start creating the profile that does you justice. More Info & Booking

LinkedIn Visibility Rollercoaster €100
Fix your profile; publishing articles; engage with your network; find the right people… Not even sure if you need to do all this? Assessment of your LinkedIn Profile and actions taken so far. Online questionnaire. 30 min Skype call. Profile Quick-Scan report and detailed action plan. More Info & Booking


Professional Soul Searching €250
Answer a million questions: I’ll frantically scribble colourful notes (old school, handwritten). This creates clarity on your skills, expertise, strengths, passion and drive. And – like magic – there appears a common thread throughout everything you’ve ever done. 90 minutes Skype interview + PDF report: handwritten notes (80% legibility guaranteed), typed summary main points.


All prices are subject to tax where applicable.
A rule of thumb: if you are based in The Netherlands, 21% tax (BTW). If you are outside Europe no tax will be added. When booking, make sure to choose the right option.


Perfect Profile Writing €400
Together we’ll write your LinkedIn Profile in a shared Google Doc. I’ll draft an entry which we tweak, rewrite, cut, move upside down, reverse, whatever it takes until you are happy. The first two are the hardest and most time consuming, after that we tend to gain some momentum. The writing takes place in one or more 3 hours blocks @ €400 each. More Info & Booking

Profile Draft Writing €250
After the interview and a 3-hour writing session, we have a pretty good feel for what we’re doing. What tone, style, focus et cetera work well for you. To respect your time and money, I’ll happily draft the rest of your profile behind the scenes. More Info & Booking

LinkedIn Strategy Session €400
Engage your network. Find the right people, be noticed by the right people. Position yourself as an expert in your field. Grow your network in an authentic way. Theory and practice. 2 Hour Skype call + two 30 min follow up Skype calls. Three follow-up docs: a PDF with the presentation slides; a PDF with strategy notes; and a PDF with your personal LinkedIn Strategy. More Info & Booking


Consulting €150 – €500
If you like to pick my brain, I am happy to be your sparring partner. This can be a follow up from previous work we did together or booked as stand alone service. €150 gives you a 45 min Skype call + a recap email. Two sessions for €270 (saving €30).Three sessions for €360 (saving €90). Four sessions for €420 (saving €180). Five sessions €500 (saving €250).

“I know myself better than before Petra helped me! Petra challenged me to totally rewrite my LinkedIn profile from a dull description of what I have done to a daring description of who I am and what makes me unique. LinkedIn is my main acquisition channel, so I am grateful that now I can really stand out towards my potential clients. It was fun to work with Petra. She is a true gem in the field knowing exactly what she’s talking about. She works from a true believe that a profile based on authenticity attracts the right audience. I can only second that.” ~ Lucien Dantuma ~