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Do you ever feel like Miguel, Somaye or Tycho?

MIGUEL: Coach ready for new clients.

Miguel started his coaching business a few years ago and mainly gets clients through word of mouth. His circumstances have changed and he is ready to take on more clients. Miguel has a LinkedIn profile but is not sure how to actively engage on LinkedIn to find or attract new clients. Truth be told, there are some positions on his profile that seem irrelevant to his coaching business. Time to create a LinkedIn Presence that will hit not ‘a’ but EVERY right note with his ideal clients.

SOMAYE: business consultant, strong local focus.

Somaye is an experienced business consultant with a strong local focus. She’d never put much effort into LinkedIn as “it is this world wide thing” and she focuses on a 50km radius around the city she lives in. Her clients tend to be small to medium size companies who may not understand LinkedIn all that much themselves. Time to put LinkedIn to work to become a thought leader with the local community: prospective clients and their networks who can refer. Magic is about to happen!

TYCHO: Runs three businesses at once.

Tycho follows his passion and turns it into business. He currently works as an off-road cycling trainer. He has a workshop that repairs professional off-road bikes and he runs a small agency that specialises in promotions (banners, displays, sponsorships) at sports events. Each business has its own website and Tycho doesn’t know how to fit it all in just one LinkedIn Profile. Time for some streamlining! A LinkedIn presence that profiles the three companies in a manner that strengthen each other.

If any of these stories sound remotely like yours, then you want to jump into action! Establish your LinkedIn presence to not only totally impress, but also resonate with and attract your ideal, absolutely brilliant clients!


Do you ever feel like Omar, Marcella or Eric?

OMAR: director of operations, no time for LinkedIn

Omar is the regional director of operations of a global company. He sees the power of social media and would love to incorporate LinkedIn in the daily business of his employees. He just doesn’t know where to find the time? The thought of seriously updating his profile is scary enough, never mind being active, engaging, prospecting… Time for a serious LinkedIn implementation and engagement rescue to make LinkedIn a quick daily habit.

MARCELLA: global marketing manager, wanting to involve employees

Marcella is the marketing manager in a global corporation. Her department produces great content that is shared online, but doesn’t seem to get any traction. Out of the 1000+ employees, only 248 show up as employees on the company page and Marcella can count the people who ever like or comment on one hand. Time for a shift in mindset about LinkedIn and create an internal “promotion machine” without adding more than 10 min a day to people’s workload.

ERIC: team manager, would like team presented more professional

Eric manages a great team in a medium-sized company. They all work hard and party hard. The company website shows contact details for each team member, including a link to their LinkedIn profile. Half the profiles do not reflect professionally on the company. Headshots include beer and best mates. Headlines are missing and most profiles lack decent descriptions of the owner’s skills and expertise. Time to show the team how their profiles “impress” potential clients and turn things around!

If any of these stories sound remotely like yours, then you want to get into action! Get the team on board, create awareness, engagement and a LinkedIn Presence that speaks to your clients, partners or suppliers!


Do you ever feel like Sheila, Mark or Rachid?

SHEILA: corporate VP with strong track record

Sheila’s career is one strong, steady track-record. Just by listing her roles and the companies she worked for, she impresses the shit out of any future employer. Add some responsibilities, budgets and achievements and the world is her oyster. Sheila has not just developed strong business skills, she’s also become more and more aware of her values and the company culture she wants to be part of. Time to spice things up with some personality thrown into the profile.

MARK: wants to bring a diverse career in line

Mark can do anything. You name it, he’s done it. When he was younger, this seemed an advantage. Every few years he easily moved into a seemingly different role or industry. Mark is quick to learn, easily adapts, and loves to move around the word… These days he feels his career shows him as a jack of all trades (and master of none). Time to find the common tread in each position he held and create a LinkedIn profile that shows a logical progression and a clear skillset for the future.

RACHID: made redundant after 15 years steady rise in the company

Rachid steadily climbed the corporate ladder. Within the company he moved from junior to senior roles into a management position. Unfortunately he suddenly finds himself looking for a new role, because … (his department is relocating, his division is outsourced, the company has gone bankrupt). Last time Rachid compiled a CV he used a typewriter and his LinkedIn profile is pretty much a verbatim copy. Time to create a LinkedIn Presence that will knock any prospective employer right off their socks.

If any of these stories sound remotely like yours, then you want to jump into action! Fix your LinkedIn presence and not only totally impress, but also resonate with and attract your next dream employer!

The map below shows where the people I’ve worked with live, ready to put your pin on the map?