Happy Clients Talk About LinkedIn Training with Petra Fisher
Mike O’Neil

Petra is amazing in how she shares her LinkedIn and Social Media knowledge with audiences and how they absorb it. She has them mesmerized with the approach and style. When they ask the tough questions, she has the answers!

Elina Malasenko

I find Petra's lecturing on LinkedIn very enthusiastic and encouraging! It is great to see people who are so dedicated to help others!

Matthew Robinson

I have been reading your articles and of the many Linked In enthusiasts out there I found that your articles are full of useful information and when I did view your profile it stood out significantly as being effective and simply outstanding.

Elizabeth Sensky
Elizabeth Sensky

Petra has a profound knowledge of LinkedIn and an amazing ability to help you define your brand and refine your message for the LinkedIn audience. After one session with her, I felt excited, inspired and much more clear about my brand and LinkedIn! Her passion for explaining concepts and leading people to understanding is more than apparent in everything she does. I highly recommend her for any and all of your LinkedIn needs.

Zoe Moran

Petra consistently presented herself in a professional and reliable manner. A great trainer with a comprehensive knowledge of business and ICT.

Petra is a fun and creative e-branding coach. She spent a few hours with me and my colleagues getting clear not only on our LinkedIn profiles but also had some straight forward and clear ways to build a clearer personal brand.

Petra worked with our team to help us clarify the way we present ourselves on LinkedIn, and build our profiles. I was very impressed with her process. She clearly knows LinkedIn, and she is able to use that knowledge to pull out what people already know about themselves in order to create dynamic and thorough profile. The session was fun and interactive, and we all came out feeling vastly better about how we were using LinkedIn. I would highly recommend Petra as a LinkedIn trainer!

Wow, by far, I have just learned more about LinkedIn from reading your blog than anywhere else in years. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Eric Wiersma

Petra is an energetic trainer who has a profound and detailed knowledge of LinkedIn. I had the opportunity to join her LinkedIn training for DeBroekriem in which she explored the possibilities it offers to present yourself in an effective way. She also shared some valuable tips & tricks to get the most out of linkedin, based on her wide experience.

I've know Petra for several years and asked her to join our Team because of her proficiency at conveying knowledge as a public speaker. She delivered great content about LinkedIn to an audience of professionals as well as delivering during our Train-the-Trainer day. I expect we'll continue to have a mutually beneficial relationship with Petra as a valued member of our speaking team.

Johanna Nesbitt

Petra worked with our team to help us discover how we can get the most out of our LinkedIn profiles. She gave us a structured format of how to build our profile from the bottom up, and was an encouraging coach when things were tough. Petra was able to work on her feet, and change her approach as needed, and I left feeling satisfied with the work we accomplished together.

Carol Smith
Val (Valeriya) Petrova

Petra, thank you again for your thoughtful comments through the group discussion. I utilized the feedback to improve my LinkedIn summary. You certainly have great passion for what you do.

Siddharth Dey

Yesterday, I was going through your website petrafisher.com, and within 10 min. or so, you became my inspiration! Your ability to showcase an idea/concept is excellent, and I just want to follow your footsteps in terms of branding myself.

Suze Zijlstra

When I set up my LinkedIn account, I was not completely convinced it would be an addition to my Facebook profile and old-fashioned email. Petra then expertly guided me through LinkedIn, showing its wide range of possibilities in a short amount of time, while keeping mind how it could be used in my particular situation. She is clearly very passionate about the use of social media and managed to pass on this enthusiasm to me.

Thank you for the profile scan Petra. Prompt. Professional. Constructive candor. You've identified a number of things I needed to hear and can now confidently rework. Thanks again.

Daniela Mazzoni Meeuwis

Thanks Petra for the very concise summary of my profile.The pdf is extremely useful. After many reviews from others, this is the first time I received some tangible tips (& very clear) on how to improve and elevate my profile. I know now that by applying a few tips from Petra, which are very clear in the PDF what to look at, I can reach the right audience for my next job. Thank you.

Jennifer Holloway

Petra - your kick up the backside via your feedback report was just what I needed to polish my LinkedIn profile a little bit brighter. Thank you for being so generous with your time - you really have made a difference.

Claudia Mayer

Petra Fisher's Quick-Scan helped me to sharpen my LinkedIn profile. Petra is client-focused, has rich experience in professional networking and provided her input in a clear and straight-forward overview. I strongly recommend her LinkedIn Quick-Scan service!

Russ Nottingham

Petra provides a great service, she recently conducted a review on my new LinkedIn page. Her review was brutally honest and fair. I now fully understand what was good and what I have to work on. Many thanks Petra, keep up the good work.

Susan Vogel Foley

As expected, on the nose feedback that made me laugh out loud. Petra has a gift - she can whack you upside the head while simultaneously making you giggle. Incredibly valuable feedback- thank you!

Corinne Streefland

Petra, T H A N K S so much for your BOINGG spot on feedback on my profile! You mention a lot of things that need improvement... I must start with a clear communication about what I'm about and how others can benefit from that. Time to work on my profile. Thanks so much for your time, professional analysis A N D the link for the workbook. I really appreciate it! And I can highly recommend Petra if you want to improve your profile

Elvira Helena Brock Mendoza

Very good tips from Petra... always an acid test of your profile is welcome and necessary. I am adapting her tips even for my CV.

Amir Ghannad

Petra provided very insightful perspective on my LinkedIn profile. I very much appreciate the practical and actionable advice and look forward to making the changes she recommended very soon. I would highly recommend Petra as she is clearly very experienced and has an eye for the content and format of an effective LinkedIn profile.

Allison Hamilton-Rohe

LOVED this scan and LOVE your style, humor. I've wanted to work with you ever since I met you, so this was the perfect nudge. Thx!!!

Thanks for the quite detailed report which was more than I expected and was very well presented. It has certainly given me a few things to think about as I look to make the most of my LinkedIn Profile. Thank you Petra very much appreciated.

Kimberly Burke Sweetman

I am so glad I asked Petra to look over my LinkedIn profile! Very helpful feedback. Now I don't just have a vague sense that LinkedIn profile needs improvement, I was able to improve it with specifics.

This is fantastic! If you think you have a good profile, you're wrong. The comments Petra makes, are good. It makes you think how to make your profile more professional. The way Petra looks at it, is different. She hold up a mirror and asks questions why you choose to set up some sentences in your profile.

Carla Regina

Hi Petra , just finished reading your quick scan. I am very impressed on how precise, sharp, accurate yet witty and compelling it was. I had some valuable insights, I will definitely use them! Thanks Petra! I owe you a nice serenade.:-)

Petra Fisher provided me a Quick-Scan of my LinkedIn profile. It's evident that she has carefully and expertly built an evaluating process that lets her quickly provide highly valuable profile feedback in a very compact and organized form. It's eerie the way I feel she can read my mind. She zoned in on some major areas of my profile that need adjustment and mixed in the positives. But she does not do "sugar-coating." Very pleased.

Edmund Bennett

Petra performed a very professional, concise and accurate appraisal. Promptly itemising the key areas of criticsm, and noting the potential remedies, in a very slick and highly polished PDF. The results add great clarity towards what can be improved.