LinkedIn Training for Global Entrepreneurs | Naturally Attract Dream Clients

LinkedIn Training for Global Entrepreneurs

All entrepreneurs want one thing: clients! Using LinkedIn you can grow your business by showing your expertise and personality so you will ATTRACT clients that you will love to work with. We’ve all got different learning styles. What is YOUR preferred way of learning? Are you the DIY person who buys an online course and goes for it? Or do you prefer 1-on-1 coaching to really dive into your specific messages and audience? Maybe you prefer a small group training, where you can spar with others? Or a combination of online training and daily group discussions? Whichever takes your fancy, I’ve got the right format LinkedIn Training for YOU.

A Total LinkedIn Solution for Entrepreneurs.

Your LinkedIn Presence: Profile, Page, Network, Content & Strategy all set up to ATTRACT the clients that YOU love to work with.

In this individual training program, I am there with you from start to finish.

We develop, implement, review, tweak and implement again until you are ready to fly solo attracting those clients.

Write your LinkedIn Profile so it hits the right nerve with your dream client.

This is an online DIY course with a support community in a Facebook Group. Post it in the group and be amazed by the feedback and support others will share with you.

Your profile will be totally focused on what you do now. Convincing clients you have the expertise, experience and personality to be the best service provider for them.

Consistently grow your LinkedIn network every day with the RIGHT connections!

You probably post quite amazing content, so make sure there is an audience to see it!

In this DIY online training, you’ll learn WHY a large network is a good thing.

You will start by connecting by all the people you forgot to invite, I know who they are, trust me. After that, you will learn numerous easy and effective ways to organically and authentically keep growing and ENGAGING your network.

2 Day VIP (invite only) LinkedIn Event for Entrepreneurs.

Your business will ROCK LinkedIn. You will totally understand how to optimise your LinkedIn PROFILE, grow your NETWORK and ENGAGE on LinkedIn to attract the clients YOU LOVE to work with.

In-person events like this tend to have an immeasurable impact on your motivation, inspiration, content ideas, strategy development and business-bestie connections. BUT in comes the KPI tracker so you CAN measure the results.

Just the implementation during the two days will give you VALUE FOR MONEY. Keep implementing long term… the sky is the limit.

Fancy having YOUR location pinned to the map of fame! Below you” see the map of fame. Each pin shows the location of a client who worked with me to kick ass on LinkedIn to grow their business.