Petra Fisher's LinkedIn Tea: Powerful LinkedIn Learning Conversations.

Petra Fisher’s LinkedIn Tea

Enjoy a FREE 30-Minute Powerful LinkedIn Conversation with Petra Fisher. Bring your cuppa tea and join in! LinkedIn Tea is a Zoom call so that you actually get to ask your questions live! Each call focuses on 1 specific topic to do with LinkedIn, a short presentation followed by a chat between Petra Fisher and the others (YOU) enjoying a cuppa tea. Learn, have fun, meet new connections and get on with your life! (only 30 min). 

One of the things I liked best was the balance between getting valuable information from you followed by the chance to raise our own questions.. and get insightful answers to boot! The size of the group made it feel like we were sharing a cuppa together and the international nature of the participants was just my cup of tea!

Claire Niven

English Copy Editing and Translating

You’re a huge proponent of injecting your personality into your profile and engagement. I got to see that in action during the session. I felt that the Petra I read and follow on LinkedIn and the one I met are one and the same.

Susan Kiamba

Learning & Development Consultant


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Petra Fisher is one of the best facilitators I have ever encountered. She has the ability to listen and direct a conversation to help you understand in your own mind and your own words the issues that you are attempting to resolve.

Bob Matson

Business Development Director

Wow, these LinkedIn Tea bites look more like RedBull ones. I thought I was mastering LinkedIn and sometimes even giving advice to friends and colleagues (despite not getting any business from it) and Petra just gave me too many questions. Now I have a lot of work to do!

Alex Barba

Alex Barba Coaching

It was my privilege to be on the inaugural episode of LinkedIn Tea with Petra. A smaller group allowed for more attention and Petra took the time to fully answer LinkedIn questions, and encourage dialogue among the attendees.  Make the time for this. She’s good.
Dennis W. Kelly

Media Planner, Buyer, Director

Let me describe my experience: informative, useful and casual. I enjoyed this 30-minute discussion about ‘visibility on LinkedIn’. A nice way to learn and check if one is doing the right thing (or not).

Francois Giraud

Marketing Transformation Consultant

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