Your LInkedIn Evolution Everything You Need to Know [read: 2 min 15 sec]

Building sites and LinkedIn, what they got in common? A lot! I love living so close to the NDSM wharf district as it is a fun, creative and constantly evolving area. Just like Your LinkedIn Presence, right? Not sure how they match? Read on!



Before they started building here, they laid the foundation, just like you laid your LinkedIn foundation. Your LinkedIn foundation was laid when you opened an account, filled in the blanks and connected to some people.

As you can see this building is nowhere near finished. Most LinkedIn profiles I see have jobs listed, but no descriptions. Or piss-poor descriptions. Boring blah blah about past responsibilities. LinkedIn profiles like unfinished buildings. Ideally, things continually grow, develop and evolve.



Write about the skills, experience, knowledge you gained that is relevant NOW. Build a trustworthy progression throughout your career that makes clients believe YOU are the right person to hire. Once upon a time, I worked in a shelter for women who suffered domestic violence. Instead of writing about my tasks and responsibilities, I highlight what contributed to my current training ability. Working with a group with a diverse social, economic and cultural background. 


Once the builders are done with this building, people will move in. Some will only nod at their neighbours in passing. Others will strike up a conversation. Get to know each other, turn this building into a community. This happens equally on LinkedIn. Some people will ignore their network, others will engage occasionally, perhaps clicking the default birthday “Congrats” message. Others take networking to the next level. Engaging, interacting, connecting … building a true network.

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