2 Ways to withdraw LinkedIn Invitations you -OOPS- sent [reading: 1.5 min]

Well hellooooo you trigger finger! Wouldn’t you like to know how to undo your action and withdraw LinkedIn invitations? See, this is what happened. I went for a walk in the freezing cold, as the sun was out and I had been sitting still too long. Then I bumped into a person I know. Yup. True story! After we ran through the compulsory script of bumping into people she asked me a question:


See, they accidentally clicked that option where LinkedIn automatically invites your whole address book. Oopsies. Well, even I’ve done that! Yup, demonstrating how that feature does have its uses if used correctly and forgetting to untick the box I needed to untick to demonstrate. UGH.


If you invited just one person (or a few) by “mis-clicking” there is an easy fix. You can withdraw LinkedIn invitations as long as they have not yet been accepted.

  1. Click on “My network” in the menu bar.
  2. Click “Manage all”.
  3. Click “Sent”.
  4. Click “Withdraw”.

That’s it! Invite gone. There is no warning, no are you sure, no confirm your actions. Hey, if you were so quick to click in the first place that you accidentally sent out the invite, then why slow down now! [update 2020] you now get a warning that if you withdraw, you cannot invite that person for 3 weeks. What to do?

Either you leave it as it is and message as soon as they accept you. Or you withdraw and put inviting them on your to-do list in 3 weeks’ time. If you have a paid account, you can do damage control by quickly sending an InMail explaining yourself.


If you clicked so LinkedIn invited your whole address book, the above method may not work. In that case, click the drop-down arrow next to “Me” underneath your pretty little (tiny really) face top right in the menu bar. Go to help and politely ask (or desperately beg if that is more your style) for them to remove all outstanding invitations. WARNING this will also remove any invitation you sent out on purpose.


Follow the first 3 steps in method one. See any invites that you deliberately sent out? Write down their names. They will be GONE if you use method 2. By writing down the names you can manually invite them again.

>>>What is your biggest LinkedIn OOOOOPS moment?<<<