What is the value of LinkedIn status updates? || LinkedIn Tip

LinkedIn-Updates-LinkedIn-Company-Page-Petra-Fisher-Training-Expert“What is good content for a status update? What is the value of posting LinkedIn status updates?”
I was asked. To start with the second question, status opdates bring you to the attention of your network. You can post from your profile or company page.

Why bother posting updates on LinkedIn?

People conduct business with people. Before someone conducts business with you, they have to know, like and trust you. Regular LinkedIn status updates take care of the ‘know.
By not just linking to your blog, but also sharing content by others that you come across, you quickly build the like factor. Now just make sure that whatever you share is always accurate and true and the trust aspect takes care of itself.

Technical details of your LinkedIn update:

You can spend 600 characters (including spaces) to post your update. Add a link and you get more bandwith. LinkedIn automatically pulls in an image and text from the page you link to. But: you can edit this preview text by double-clicking. CLEVER!
Below the textbox for you update it says:  “Share with”. Make sure this is set to “public staat” and not just “connections”. After all, why limit your exposure to people you are already connected to?

No inspiration for a LinkedIn update?

  • If you blog, or your company regularly publishes articles on their site, you’ve got content for at least once a week.
  • Share industry news: interesting articles you find online. Conferences relevant for your target audience even books that are worth reading (yup those paper things you can read without a computer).
  • Share related content. Are you a baker specialised in wedding cakes? Sahre articles about chosing a wedding dress, tips for organising a perfect wedding and how to have a stress free wedding day.

Update posted, now what?

Did you post from your company page? Ask all employees (who obviously follow the page 😉 ) to share the update. This can quickly go viral, see last weeks post how 8 staff can reach 2.000 people (scroll down to ‘easily reach a large audience’. Ending your update with a question is an easy way to start interaction.
Never ignore comments. Respond (positive) to comments, this interaction is invaluable in creating the know-like-trust factor. Have a quick read of ‘3 reasons your discussions in LinkedIn groups don’t get read’  just to remind yourself how not to do it…

>>> What updates from your LinkedIn network got stuck in your head? Please share examples of ‘people getting it right’ so all readers can learn… >>>