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Last week I delivered training at an organisation whose values align with mine. They hired me for my knowledge AND because they knew we’d be a good cultural fit.

How did they know that?

Because what you see is what you get. I am no different on #LinkedIn then I am in real life. I am casual, direct, funny (some might disagree) and compassionate.

This is what I teach. It is ok for people to run a mile when they read your profile.

These people are not a good match to work with.

Use your LinkedIn Presence as a natural filter to attract the clients, employers, employees, partners that are a match made in heaving (on LinkedIn really).

I can work with people who drink coffee, even if I don’t. You don’t have to like my kind of music. We must share our values though.

If your values mean certain language is perceived disrespectful, that is totally cool. It doesn’t mean I have to change who I am. It doesn’t mean you have to accept my manner of speaking. It just means we are not meant to work together. Thanks to the PM I received today, I got all inspired to write this post.

Stand Out to Fit In

Fancy you score your all time dream job, only to find out you are miserable every day because you don’t fit in the company culture. Or you attract a client who wants to hire you for BIG money, but you don’t feel any joy being around that person (putting it mildly here).

By adding just enough personality to your LinkedIn Presence you will only attract people that are a brilliant fit.

Find the boundaries and decide on which side to stay

By all means, don’t go over your boundaries. I work for myself and mainly from home so I am writing this late at night in my PJs. You may not be in a role where you can do that. What you can do, is present yourself on LinkedIn as your authentic self within the limits of what is acceptable in the workplace you want to be part of.

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