Have you gotten used to the new LinkedIn messaging options yet? I kinda like that it is now a chat functionality rather than an email look-a-like. Makes it easier and less stuffy to reach out to someone. However, there is a but… A BIG BUT

Never – EVER- use LinkedIn Messaging to multiple recipients at once.

linkedin-messaging-hell-hotel-california-petra-fisherI am not even talking ethics about cold calling, mass mailing and other stuff most people agree we should not do. No I am simply talking about a big, fat pain in the butt with the new LinkedIn messaging functionality.
When sending a message to multiple recipients, you create a group-chat that no one can leave. Honest, it is like “Hotel California” by The Eagles: “You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave”. That would be a great one for my friends Mike O’Neil and Lori Ruff who wrote a whole LinkedIn book using analogies from rock lyrics to explain LinkedIn.

What is the problem with LinkedIn Messaging?

Well, it goes like this: you write a message, add multiple recipients and send. So far so good. Now someone replies. This is a REPLY ALL. Not optional. So the next person replies like: “Hey, what is this? Who are you?”, or something along those lines. Whatever happens, you are STUCK FOREVER in this group chat.

linkedin-messaging-chat-horror-petra-fisher-trainer-expert-03What are the LinkedIn Messaging options to escape?

Well, there are no options to escape. Easy as that. What you can do is click the 3 dots in the top right corner of the chat.
Let’s look at the two options that seem to help you get out of this scary place:

  • Mute conversation. I wish! All this does is stop email notifications. As soon as any of the recipients of the original message replies, you will get a little red speech bubble with your LinkedIn notifications and the chat is back in your messages.
  • Report as spam. This can be helpful if this is the first thing you do. If you DELETE the whole group-chat, later find yourself still in as someone replies, you are too late! This only marks ONE message in the chat as spam. So if you’ve deleted the original start of the conversation, this option becomes quite useless.

So now what?

Use the LinkedIn Messaging for 1-on-1 conversations or help people use it wisely. I got introduced by a valuable connection to one of her connections. My reply (which went to both parties) was this: “Thank you Nancy to introducing met to Cristina. I will send you a private message to catch up with you. Christina, I will message you as well, so our future conversations don’t bore Nancy”. Overall I am a fan of the new messaging, just not with multiple recipients.

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