Consistency on LinkedIn (it's ok to slack off). [2:06 min read]

My first attempt at tackling LinkedIn with a plan was my “plan” to post each day. I heard you needed consistency on LinkedIn. Consistency is key and all that. Fast forward 9 years and you know what? Sure when I do post consistently on LinkedIn, I am more on people’s radar than when I don’t, but it is not as important as it seems.

When I don’t show up for 2-3 weeks… Because I am on holiday (yup, I take time off when on holidays) or because I got me a new 700-page novel and forget about the world around me… it is not the end of the world. It is not like when I don’t stick to the plan to show up consistently on LinkedIn all my hard work comes undone.

It is a bit like muscle memory. Fifteen years ago I was a total gym junkie. These days, I carry extra weight, have arthritis and whatever other excuses not to exercise beyond walking. But then I saw some step aerobics and started to get the itch. I dusted off my step, found a class on YouTube and you know what? I may not quite have the level of fitness to keep up, but the moves all still come to me without thinking. As that is half the battle won with step aerobics, it is easier for me than I thought to keep going and before you know it I had seriously increased my fitness level.

Being active on LinkedIn works the same way. Once you have a plan in place, a plan that works for you (there is a reason I do step aerobics and not Zumba) it takes a few weeks, for most people 3-6 weeks of following the plan. Some days you may have to make yourself show up. After a while though, showing up consistently on LinkedIn will become an effortless, natural and enjoyable part of your routine.

If you slacken off, sure you will drop a tad off people’s radar. Fortunately, as soon as you get the itch, get back on track, it is dead-easy to get front of people’s mind for your expertise again.

PS These days my plan does involve a bit more than regularly posting and hope for the best. Seems silly to keep it all to myself, so I’ve turned my strategy into a totally customisable blueprint for the people I work with.


? What is your plan when it comes to getting noticed, mentioned & remembered on LinkedIn? ?