3 Reasons your discussions in LinkedIn Groups don’t get read

LinkedIn-Tips-Groups-LinkedIn Training-LinkedIn Coaching-Petra FisherQuite frankly, I am a little embarrassed writing this post.
 Why? Some LinkedIn discussions I come across are so cringe-worthy that I am amazed people actually post them. This is why I recently wrote about the 3 reasons LinkedIn Groups don’t workWriting this post feels – in part – like stating the obvious. But then again, we all make innocent mistakes, especially when our enthusiasm runs away with us. To prevent you from doing so, read the top 3 reasons your LinkedIn discussion generates no interaction.

The 3rd biggest mistake in starting LinkedIn Group Discussions

number-three-reason-linkedin-groups-dont-work-petra-fisherPosting content that is not a discussion at all. Put simply: promotions go under the promotions tab (most likely never to be seen) and jobs go under the jobs tab (where they are easy to find). Posting promotions as discussions is not appropriate and stops you from gaining peoples trust. When you do post an interesting discussion, people won’t bother to look as they’ve come to know you as that ‘promoter’.

The 2nd biggest mistake in starting  LinkedIn Group Discussions

number-two-reason-linkedin-groups-dont-work-petra-fisherSharing an interesting article. Sharing knowledge is great. Be it an article you wrote or came across. But… a LinkedIn discussion is made up of two or three elements. There is the subject, the body and if you like a link. NEVER a link without a discussion starter. Why would I click on the link? Entice me. Tell me what is so interesting about the article .What will I gain from reading it? Even better, pose a question about the article to encourage comments. And don’t forget to edit the preview when posting a link. Edit the title, preview text and if multiple images are found, choose the most appropriate one.

The biggest mistake when starting LinkedIn Groups Discussion

number-one-reason-linkedin-groups-dont-work-petra-fisherDuplicate content. I know, it seems too silly to mention. But it happens. Especially when sharing a discussion in multiple groups at once. Do visit the group and manually post. It is ok to cut and paste, but make sure the same (or similar) topic has not been posted recently. Groups have a search function, so take 30 seconds to check your topic. It is better to add value by commenting on an existing discussion than starting your own on the same topic.

Now all you need to do is find the right LinkedIn Groups for you. Having trouble sifting through the 1.5 million (and counting) groups? Read the 5 steps to find the right LinkedIn Group for you to easily find what’s right for you.

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