10 Ways to use LinkedIn to get booked as a speaker.

LinkedIn-Public-Speaking-Speaker-Petra Fisher-Petra-Fisher10 Ways to Use LinkedIn as a Speaker


1. Who are you?

Sure you are a speaker, but you need to be clear about what you speak about and who your audience is. I’m sure you already know that – but make sure that your LinkedIn Profile reflects that!

2. Micro Elevator Speech

Do you have a book, or a keynote you are known for?  Add them to your “Professional Headline” section. You have 120 characters to work with.  Think of it as a micro-elevator speech.

Mine reads: “Author of Wiley’s “LinkedIn Marketing: Hour a Day” ★Forbes Top 10 Most Influential Women★ International Keynote Speaker”

3. Experience is more than jobs

Add your presentations and or books to your “Experience” section. In the “Company” field write down your book and/or keynote title: LinkedIn for Legal Professionals.  In the “Title” field share your areas of expertise, niche markets: International LinkedIn Speaker working with Legal Firms and Legal professionals you have 100 characters).  Then you have 1000 characters to describe why your book or keynote and why they are an essential resource to your key audience.  Finally, you can add a video of you speaking, video or written testimonials your speaker’s one sheet – anything that has an online presence using the new media share button.

List Your Book in “Experience”

4.  Testimonials!

 Encourage friends to “recommend” your book or keynote in “Recommendations”. It is best if you have the book listed in “Experience” first.

5. Drive traffic with customized links

Edit your website link by clicking on “Edit” and then “Other” to read “Buy (or read) my book here” or “Click here to see me speak” and add a direct URL to your book’s sales page or a video of you speaking, or your one sheet, or really any website you want to promote!

6. Update anyone?

Use the “Update” feature to tell people about your book or speaking event. Share your update with groups and Twitter.

7. And to summarize….

Share your services and why someone should hire you in your “Summary” section – you have up to 2000 characters. Make sure you give them the WIIFM (What’s In It For Them.) You could also put a promo code in your
“Summary” section. And your email or other contact info

8. But wait, there’s more

In “Edit Profile” you will notice several new “Add New Sections” links. One of the options is publications. Add it!

Publication in “add section”

9.  Its for you…

Send “teasers” in your “messages”. I recently received a message from an author who was sharing his book one chapter at a time. If you wanted to read the whole book at once, you had to buy it. I thought this was very clever. At the very least he has more people reading his book. I am sure it boosted sales as well.

10.  Good Company

Create a LinkedIn “Company Page” for your speaking business (You have to add the email address to your settings: Go to settings, click on account, then “Add & change email addresses.”) Once your Company is created you can add video, describe the WIIFM of your service, list your keynotes, sell your book, applicable, add special offers and promo codes, links’ to download, etc.

There is so much you can do these days with LinkedIn as a professional speaker, and these few steps will really get you started!

>>>> Can you add #11 to this list of tips? <<<