Your LinkedIn Strategy with Petra Fisher - Attract Your Dream Clients!


So that you attract those CLIENTS that YOU LOVE to work with!

Your Business, my brain, Your Roadmap to Success!

Your VIP LinkedIn Strategy Session: where we dive deep and make magic happen. In this 2-hour session, we get clear on WHY you are on LinkedIn. WHAT do you want to achieve. WHO do you want to reach. WHAT do they need to know about you.

And THEN we create a LinkedIn Strategy that works for you!

A LinkedIn Strategy that fits in your schedule and is fun for you to implement.

LinkedIn is just a tool, it is YOU using it that gives you results.

I firmly believe that in order to stick to your LinkedIn Strategy, it needs to be fun, this is why we explore what type of content you like to post, how much time you want to devote and what engagement strategy feels right for YOU so that you organically attract those clients that YOU ? to work with!

Invest 2 hours of your time and €397 of your hard-earned cash and you’ll have a LinkedIn Strategy, tailored to your business AND your personality to organically attract your dream clients, grow your business & have fun!

LinkedIn Training-Petra Fisher-LinkedIn Coach- Consultant (9)

Linked In is no longer taking up so much of my time and I’ve gotten much better at improving my brand, finding the right people, engaging with insight and building relationships.

Jude Gaal

With her wit, methodology and brutally honest feedback, Petra made me realise what my professional journey has been. This helped me to create a profile that represented who I truly am..

Jan Kaan

I now have a clear vision of how to present myself on LinkedIn and a step-by-step strategy on how to connect with my potential clients. Petra is incredibly knowledgeable with a great sense of humour

Nada Mesqui

I had all these ideas in my head. But after talking them through with Petra, I gained clarity. Hearing her repeat back to me what she had understood and then seeing and reading her strategy notes in many colors brought it all together for me.

I loved being part of the Slack community. The lessons from the weekly session, presentation, video and worksheets were reinforced in the group. Watching others implement also gave me ideas for how I could do the same thing.

I now see the bigger picture and the supporting pillars for my focus area. I now have a better idea of how to structure and plan content along with theme areas. And I'm now more intentional in what I do on LinkedIn.

Susan Kiamba | Career Development Trainer

As a Global Marketing Executive, I am used to building marketing organizations that drive growth. Yet to consistently build my personal brand, I was missing some discipline and methodology to start producing and sharing relevant content on a daily.

It was great to work with Petra to refine my personal brand, develop it with relevant posts/updates/articles... and stick to it!

The way the "Get Noticed on LinkedIn" progam builds up worked really well. Start simple by engaging in conversations EVERY DAY till you find your tone of voice and area of expertise, then start producing posts/updates/articles.

By doing it every day and reporting progress the following week I kept on track and kept finetuning my actions.

This resulted in me (1) being found in many more searches, and (2) receiving invites from peers (i.e. useful contacts) on a daily basis.

Francois Giraud | Global Marketing Director

I wanted (want) to convert LinkedIn commenters and connections to clients, or at least real prospects who want to hear about how I may be able to help them with my leadership and management development coaching.

Working with Petra I got clarification of the various ways that I can become more visible and attractive to my potential audience.

I am now getting a more consistent and higher number of profile views, and I am more consistently following up with a "thanks for stopping by. . ." response.

This has led to several hopeful linkups that I am nurturing.

Richard Lewine | Leadership Management Specialist