Who viewed your profile? New: interesting views![reading time: 93 sec]

LinkedIn outdid themselves again! Now when you check who viewed your profile, you can go straight to the INTERESTING views. With a free LinkedIn account you only see your last 5 visitors, which is quite manageable. On a paid account you get to see all profile views 90 days back. How convenient to now only have to look at 40 people instead of 1,191 (still upset with those 9, you know who you are, who didn’t view).



Only the algorithm gods know for sure, but this is what I noticed. LinkedIn shows us senior industry leaders (now I need to figure out what makes one an industry leader) and people who work at companies you follow.

  • Senior Leader in your industry
  • Senior Leader in another industry
  • Works at a company you are following

LinkedIn got quite carried away. Each viewer now also has “other highlights” where you can see how many connections you have in common and what groups you have in common. Sure was the highlight of my LinkedIn experience today!



I like any insights I can get my hands on. LinkedIn stuff I mean, can’t remember the last time I checked the analytics on my website. Might give me better business insights, but people watching is much more fun! Even though I haven’t got the foggiest yet what makes someone a ‘senior leader’ in this respect, I DO KNOW that according to the info LinkedIn has they do SOMETHING better than others.

In an earlier post on this topic, you can read how to treat the “Who viewed your profile” information. Who cares who viewed your profile.  As far as I am concerned, any additional information is a good thing. To be honest, I also like the idea that if I view your profile I’ll be considered a “senior leader in my industry”. I hope I am.

>>> How will you use these new insights? <<<