Volunteerwork and other interesting stuff for you LinkedIn Profile [reading time: 2 min]

Edit-Profile-Volunteering-Causes-Courses-LinkedIn-Petra-Fisher-LinkedIn-Training-Trainer-TipsVolunteer-work, courses, awards all have their own section on your LinkedIn profile.

These are not default fill in the blank area’s. When in edit mode, you can add sections to your profile. Choose which ones do enhance your profile.

Your LinkedIn profile tells your story

To give an impression about who you are, what you care about, what you stand for, you need a complete and accurate LinkedIn profile. Put some thought into what you want to achieve. Say you are very active for a political party or church. This appeals to like minded spirits. It can also scare people off. Is that a bad thing? Have a think about this. If you don’t want to scare people off based on your beliefs, leave them out. Do you prefer to only meet and work with people who share your beliefs … then use your profile for a natural selection.

3 Reasons to add volunteerwork to your profile

  1. LinkedIn Training-LinkedIn-Training-Trainer-Petra Fisher-LinkedIn Tips-LinkedIn Power TipsIt shows your social engagement
  2. It is great when you have little work experience
  3. A great opportunity to work a few more keywords into your profile

>>>What new section will you add to your LinkedIn profile today?<<<