The one thing your forgot, when filling out your LinkedIn Profile [reading time: 3 min]


How many times did your mom/teacher/ wife tell you to just for once STOP & THINK before you act? You are about to be told once more! Writing a LinkedIn Profile seems so easy. Just fill in the blanks and done. LinkedIn is very specific in asking you for information, work experience, education, skills, summary … what could possibly go wrong?

You forgot to THINK before you dived straight in!

I am a great fan of Simon Sinek and his “Start with Why”  theory. If’ you’ve never heard of him… watch this 18 minute Ted talk. Brings me to question you… WHY are you on LinkedIn? WHAT do you want to achieve by having a LinkedIn profile? WHO do you want to reach? And (again) WHY do you want to reach those people?

Why are you on LinkedIn?

  • Are you looking for a job (or actually an employer)?
  • Are you looking for clients to work with?
  • Are you looking for customers you can sell to?
  • Are you looking for partners to collaborate with?

Why would they be looking for you?

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a new job or customer, the process is the same. So for arguments sake we’ll say you are looking for the next step in your career. Remember, just replace employer with client and it makes sense for entrepreneurs, account managers and so on.

Imagine you could pick any job, at any company, anywhere in the world. What would it be? Now lets think about this; what would that employer be looking for in the person they want to hire? What skills do they need. What knowledge, experience…

Get organised to create your brilliant LinkedIn Profile

My daughter likes baking cookies. To get the best results, she needs to not just read the recipe and follow the instructions. She needs to FIRST GET ALL INGREDIENTS and put them in a handy place. Then she needs to get all equipment she needs. She also needs to get her timing right, or the oven will not be at the right temperature when the cookies are ready to hit the oven.

Time for you to get all your ingredients together in a handy place.

  • List all the skills your dream employer/client/customer is looking for.
  • List all the knowledge your dream employer/client/customer expects.
  • Make some quick notes with each skill/knowledge. When did you first gain this knowledge, learn this skill? When did you really use it? How did you further develop?
  • List all compliments you ever received work-wise that really hit home (what was the compliment, who dished it out, when).
  • Have a copy of your CV handy.
  • If you are not one hundred percent happy with you profile photo, start digging around your computer and phone for some pictures you like, you don’t have to choose yet.

The next step in creating a fabulous LinkedIn Profile

Ever baked scones? They guaranteed fail if you rush it. If you just start kneading away at the dough, whilst the recipe clearly states to gently rub the butter with your finger tips. Same applies to your LinkedIn profile. I’ll take you through the process, but one step at the time. You will find the next step, next week. Unless this is an ‘old’  post, then you are lucky enough to find a link to the next step right here!

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