STAND OUT TO FIT IN Attract brilliant clients only [read: 2 min 14 sec]

Putting my money where my mouth is. Recently I gave some talks about adding personality to your LinkedIn Profile. Stressing its important to Stand Out to Fit In, as you don’t want to talk about a dream assignment only to find out later you and the prospective client can’t stand each other. Or how about that dream job you’re recruited for only to find out you and the company culture are a complete misfit?

It is ok when people run a mile

You want to Stand Out to Fit In. Only attracting clients / company cultures where you get along like a house on fire. When you first meet it needs to match. I advocate a LinkedIn presence that sends people running a mile. This means people that are brilliant to work with will flock to you.

Two out of three ain’t bad

I can’t lie, I can’t tell you that I’m something I’m not (first one to comment who sang this earns brownie points). I upped my game by adding a new position to my profile. Influenced by Mike O’Neil and Lori Ruff’s “Rock the world with your online presence” (book, no affiliate, no commission) I even snuck in a musical quote.

Whaddaya think?

Check out my ‘role’ on LinkedIn (4th down under Petra Fisher Consulting) and share your thoughts in the comments below. I don’t expect you to add a ‘job’ as I did. Just tell me how YOU stand out to fit in and where/with who do you want to fit in? Love to have a bit of a chat about this.

Stand Out to Fit In by adding personality to LinkedIn

I do expect you to add personality to LinkedIn.

If you are a boring dreadful person, write that way. Are you casual or formal? Let your choice of words and images reflect this. Make your values blatantly clear or let them shine through. It is easy to find the person with the right skills and experience, make sure they know YOU are the only one who is a brilliant match.

Are you my brilliant dream person to work with?

Mind you, if we don’t have any matches, we can always work together on the principle of opposites attract. When you do reach out to me, love to hear how many matches we have:

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>>> Do you add personality to your LinkedIn Presence? Share in the comments so we can chat about it!<<<