5 new features linkedin profile: linkedin creator mode, pronouns ...

5 NEW(ish) features on your LinkedIn Profile explained: ① Cover Story, ② Name Pronunciation, ③ Pronouns, ④ Creator Mode and ⑤ Featured. Find out what they are, when to get creative & when not to and how some of these features influence each other.

As always there is hidden learning in this video. You might know me for sharing FABULOUS LinkedIn Tips (and for my modesty ?) yet the careful observer knows I ALSO keep urging you to show your personality and values so that you totally resonate with – and ATTRACT – those clients that you ? to work with.

So yes, this video ? teaches you about LinkedIn AND about my values and personality. How about THAT in just 5 minutes! ?

Full disclosure: the captions do not transcribe all my mumbling and stuff-ups.

Watch the video and then hop over to the comments to share… ?????? Are all 5 exactly as you want them?

Not much into watching videos you say? I’ve got you covered! Full transcript further down.

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Hello. Today, I want to talk to you about five features that have been recently added to your LinkedIn profile. Or, as I am recording this, some are even being rolled out.
My name is Petra Fisher. Also known as the entrepreneur to show for acquisition. I found the way of using LinkedIn to run my business without doing any scary crap of cold calling or acquisition
and I teach others to do the same now.

Now back to these five new things. I’m not going in order of when we got them. I’m going in the order of your profile.

So your profile picture, you can now have a cover Story. Cover Story is a 30-second video that you can upload and then people notice that there is a little orange-gold circle around your profile picture. If they click that, that 30-second introduction video of yours will play.

Next to your name… there’s two things there: one is pronouns. Pronouns came about for people who are often addressed by a gender that they don’t relate to. So they started adding he/him, they/them,
she/her behind their name. As more and more people became aware of what this was all about. We started adding them to our names as well. So that the people for whom they’re a necessity no longer stand out from the crowd.

This is the one bit where I believe we shouldn’t get creative. Because there is a free text field and it can be very tempting to put your keywords in there. My take on this – it doesn’t have to be yours –
is that the pronouns is the only feature on LinkedIn that really came about to create an inclusive and safe environment for people who need that. And that is where I draw the line in my creativity.

On to the next one. The third one really is your name pronunciation. You may have seen it on some profiles. There’s a little speaker icon next to people’s names. And yeah, I reckon adding a recording of your name –  You do so on mobile, then people can listen on any device – I think is really good because the number of times when I reach out to someone and I just don’t say their name because I don’t have to pronounce it. So that’s really good. This is a place where I do encourage you to be creative. They have given us 10 seconds to record our name. And in 10 seconds. We can, you know, say about 30 words. So that is a great place to add a little pitch. To say a little bit more about who you are, what you do.

Fourth thing I want to talk about is featured. This is not all that new but I still see people not using it. This either means that they used to have media attached to their about section, and this is not turned into their featured area and it’s not always that up-to-date. Also with featured. You can highlight a post that you did on LinkedIn or an article or content that’s outside of LinkedIn. Video, your website, anything. And where the featured bit sit on your profile… – yeah, I’m going like this, because – That depends on the 5th thing that I want to talk about today.

And that is creator mode. There’s a lot of consideration whether to switch it on or not. The things that happen, when you switch on LinkedIn Creator Mode… your featured section that lives BELOW the ‘about’ section will move ABOVE the about section. So there’s way more focus on your profile on your content. The other thing that will happen is your connect button will change into a follow button.  I did another post on this on LinkedIn the other day explaining a bit more about that. People still see your, you know, your 500+ connections, but next to it, to the left of it, they’ll also see how many followers you’ve got.

And you can add some topics that you generally post about, and even though they look like hashtags, because they have the little thingy in the front of it, at this stage they’re not actually clickable  hashtag.

So there you are: five things that LinkedIn – as I’m recording this – have been rolling out, are rolling out, for your profile. There is the Cover Story, Pronouns, Name Pronunciation, Featured Section and  Creator Mode. Have you got all five of these exactly how you want them? If not, I suggest that you Go fix it!


Now hop over to the comments to share… ?????? Are all 5 exactly as you want them?