Never use your LinkedIn Summary to well ... summarise [read time: 90 sec]

LinkedIn-Summary-Profile-Petra-Fisher-Training-CoachingLinkedIn Summary:

One of the most important components of your LinkedIn Profile.
Even though it is called “LinkedIn Summary” I strongly advise you NOT to summarise your profile here. It’s boring. No one reads it. And don’t forget: your LinkedIn Profile is a website. The average visitor decides within 10 seconds to read on or move on.

Your LinkedIn Summary is your sales pitch.

But I am not selling anything! Wrong. Even if you just use LinkedIn to give people an impression of the professional you are, you are selling something: your reputation.  Tell people what drives you, why do you enjoy your work, what about your work makes it right for you? This is the only way to distinguish yourself from someone with the same qualifications and experience. Name your results. Huh? Being a show-off?  That’s not done, is it? Yes 😉 Instead of: “I am analytically strong and possess a helicopter view” (boooooooooooooooooring) write something like: “By analysing business processes with a helicopter view I revamp stagnating processes into efficient processes which create more results, use fewer resources and actively involve staff resulting in commitment.” Chakka!  Now THAT is telling me what you can do for me.

Three ingredients for your LinkedIn Summary

tip-01-LinkedIn-Training-Trainer-Petra-FisherSomething about you, Your motivation, your drive, what makes you want to go to work? Make sure to paint a clear picture of your personality.

number-two-reason-linkedin-groups-dont-work-petra-fisherWhat have you got to offer? The most important product or service if you are an entrepreneur or employed. When looking for a new position, let your reader know what difference you can make for them.

number-three-reason-linkedin-groups-dont-work-petra-fisherA call to action. Tell people how (and why) to contact you. Don’t assume they’ll find the contact details on your profile. They are a tad hidden. Put them right in your readers face! (politely)

Last but not least: someone reading your profile, is like having a conversation. In real life you make eye contact, don’t forget this with your profile. Make sure your LinkedIn Profile Picture is not facing away from your reader. Your LinkedIn profile answers the question: “What do you do”. So ALWAYS write in 1st person, you are talking about yourself.

UPDATE MAY 2017: The ‘New LinkedIn’ displays between 2 lines and 60 characters of your summary.

>>>What is the first sentence of your LinkedIn Summary? Post as a comment with a link to your profile. If it catches people’s attention, readers of this blog will click through…<<<