LinkedIn Profile Language vs LinkedIn Interface Language

If English is your first language and the first language of your target audience as well, then you can skip this article. If not … read on and find out about the LinkedIn Interface Language and the LinkedIn Profile Language.

LinkedIn Interface Language

Language-LinkedIn-Interface-LinkedIn-Training-Petra-FisherThis is the easy bit. It is the language in which LinkedIn talks to you. Looking at the menu, it is the difference between ‘home’ (English) and ‘startpagina’ (Dutch). The LinkedIn Interface comes in 22 languages at the time of writing.

LinkedIn Profile Language

This is the slightly confusing bit. You would think this is the language in which you choose to fill in the blanks. This is partly true. I can have my LinkedIn Interface Language set for English and still write my profile in Dutch. But… I can also create a profile in a specific language. On my profile you can switch between my Dutch and English profile. Also note the custom LinkedIn Profile URL next the this switch.

Multiple LinkedIn Profile Languages Who Sees What?

If you visit my profile, you may notice a little switch in the bottom left corner of the ‘top card’. Here you can choose to read my LinkedIn Profile in English or Dutch. But which one do you get to see first? This depends on your LinkedIn Interface Language. If it matches one of my profiles, that is what LinkedIn shows you. So if you set your interface language to Dutch, LinkedIn will show you my Dutch profile. If you interface is set for English, German or any of the other languages, LinkedIn will show you my English Profile.

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