LinkedIn Profile from Top to Toe! Part 9 - profile url [reading time: 1,5 minutes]

What is the URL to your Public LinkedIn Profile?

Does your public profile URL look like this or like this Which one looks neater and is easier to remember? Not only does the one look more professional on your profile (it is visible when people view your profile), it also looks much better in your email signature, your business card, the contact page of your website and so on.

What is the difference between your LinkedIn profile and your Public LinkedIn Profile?

  • Your public profile is the part of your LinkedIn profile that is visible to everyone, not just your connections. Some people choose to display only part of their profile to people they are not (yet) connected with.
  • Personally, I have made my complete profile visible. I’d like to make it easy for people to find me. By making my LinkedIn Profile Picture visible to all and sundry it is easy for people to see if this is the Petra Fisher they are looking for.
  • As LinkedIn is my professional networking tool, lead generating tool, shopfront, testimonial and so on… I put everything in my profile on public display.

So how do I customise my LinkedIn public profile URL?

You can easily customise your public profile URL when in edit mode. I’d take the long way if I were you :-). If you go through settings and chose edit your public profile, you can adjust the URL and tick/untick what you’d like to showcase in your public profile. In other words, what is visible to people who are not yet connected to you.

>>>I am interested to find out what YOU display to all and sundry and WHY you made this choice. Please share your thoughts (and URL to your Public LinkedIn Profile) in the comments!<<<