LinkedIn Notifications: Pesky Little Settings Change. [reading: 52 sec]

Love it when I get asked questions. Like the other day, when Business & Marketing Coach Stephanie Ward asked: “How come I no longer receive an email about LinkedIn Invitations? All my settings seem correct.” LinkedIn Notifications exists in two flavours. The ones with the little bell icon and the ones through email.


My first instinct is to blame Gremlins, as I do for most stuff. Then I had a look at the settings and noticed the little “detail” drop-down thingy… please do click and check all the sub-settings.




If that doesn’t fix it … gremlins, or more likely bugs. LinkedIn is doing LOTS OF STUFF behind the scenes to improve the platform. Unfortunately, this often plays havoc with existing functionality. But then again, good stuff comes to those who wait (and put up with the funny stuff along the way).

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