LinkedIn for Entrepreneurs Successtory [reading time: 2 minutes]

When I first started working with this client, she was cold calling from her kitchen table, trying to start her business. She decided to invest and work with me 1-on-1 through the “SERIOUS SHIT: a Total LinkedIn Solution for Entrepreneurs” program.

Her LinkedIn Profile had showed her work experience with descriptions that basically listed her responsibilities of each role. There was a banner on her profile, but it didn’t match her website. She had 189 connections.

 We got clear on who she wanted to reach through LinkedIn. What the world needed to know, understand and believe about her. We also worked out how much time she was willing – and able – to dedicate to LinkedIn.

We used this information to rewrite her profile. Making sure every single entry, back to her first job, focused on proving she has all the skills, experience and expertise for the services she offers today.

We worked out a strategy for connecting, engaging, posting and generally showing up on LinkedIn. Everything in line with becoming visible for her expertise with the right audience.

Before we even got into active LinkedIn use, just by updating the profile, she started to receive connection requests. Once she started to actively post and engage with relevant content, the requests started pouring in. When I checked in with her a year later, she had over 5000 connections.

Once she started getting clients through LinkedIn, she became less focused on her active LinkedIn use, client work took over.

Once she realised she was losing visibility this way, she hired a VA to free up some time to be able to focus on LinkedIn again. Not daily, but regularly and with a clear plan and focus.

Each week we set goals and targets for the next week. Number of new connections, number of recommendations, which topics to post, who to engage with. Each week we reviewed KPIs and adjusted the plan as needed.

A year after working together she told me that she had attracted more clients than she could serve on her own. She had moved into a co-working space and was employing free lancers.

How much time did it take to achieve this? After the initial work together she set aside 2 hours each week + ten minutes a day for the rest of the week. There you go, less than 3 hours a week to attract clients through LinkedIn.

Find out more about the “SERIOUS SHIT: a Total LinkedIn Solution for Entrepreneurs” and schedule a free chat if you think this might work for you too.

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