LinkedIn Followers: Why you need to pay attention!

Do you ever check your new followers on LinkedIn? I love going through them from time to time. To tell you the truth, I have it scheduled in my calendar as a weekly thing to do! I check their profiles and invite to connect when it seems like a good match. Always with a personal note, networking is relationship building. Something that is quite tricky with only LinkedIn default messages.

You find your followers as follows:

  • Go to your profile
  • Scroll down to Activity
  • Click manage followers

You can also learn from looking at your LinkedIn Followers (and connection invites for that matter). Sometimes you will see a pattern. People from the same region, company or with the same mutual connection.

If I see a lot of PhDs then I am fairly sure they are members of the Cheeky Scientist. I featured on two of their radio shows and when there are new members of the association they often watch these shows and invite me.

Today I noticed that I have an unusually high number of new followers from Ireland. Too many for it to be a coincidence. I am yet to find out what happened. Generally, when this happens, someone in that country mentioned me in a post or talk.

If YOU are one of those new followers (or connection) from Ireland (March 2020), please let me know what made you reach out.

Tomorrow I will contact a few of those people to ask. WHY? Because if my guess is right, if someone talked about me (behind my back) then I want to contact them to say thank you! Once again, LinkedIn is a network, it is about relationship building. So if someone said nice things about you – even behind your back – then reach out and thank them. Especially when it gained you new connections or LinkedIn followers.

What insights do you gain from analysing your new followers? 👇 👇 👇