Does LinkedIn work for business? Nope! [reading time: 2:03 min]

Does LinkedIn work for your business? NOPE. LinkedIn doesn’t work, YOU have to do the work.! A solo entrepreneur was not a fan of LinkedIn. Unlike Facebook, it didn’t bring her any leads.

We talked about what she did on LinkedIn and what she did differently on Facebook. HA. “What do you do?” was the crux of the whole situation.

She posted, commented and actively engaged often on Facebook,
but was passive on LinkedIn.

Her Facebook behaviour was proactive. Posting interesting content, commenting on posts by others. Inviting people to join in the conversation with the occasional tag and sending friendly personal messages where appropriate. She had the feeling that on LinkedIn it had to be different. I asked if she would behave differently in her work with a client depending on where they found her?  That was an eye-opener.

Speak (write), dress and act on LinkedIn as you will when working with a client.

Once she let go of the fear of “how one should behave” on LinkedIn, things changed dramatically.

She started posting about the topics she cared about, in the voice she normally speaks in – people started to notice her – and her profile!

The increased profile views called for a profile update. Making sure people visiting her LinkedIn profile would believe and feel: “This is the right person”.  We went through her whole profile, from her student days to today. Bringing every single entry in line with the expertise she is known for today.

There are various reasons to do this:

  • Every description you add to previous job roles or education, allow you to use the keywords you want to be found for.
  • Everything you ever did, contributed to who you are today, take your profile visitors on that journey.
  • By writing in the tone you use when working, people get to know you and feel if you’d get along.
  • A well filled out and rounded profile established trust.
  • It shows you care enough to do the work: the attention and dedication you punt into your LinkedIn profile is most likely reflecting the attention and dedication you show your clients. 

Long story short:

This small business owner became ACTIVE on LinkedIn. This led to increased PROFILE VIEWS and CONNECTION requests from the right people.

Within 6 weeks she got approached through LinkedIn for her services!


Tell us what your LinkedIn routine looks like… ? ? ?