5 Reasons to comment on LinkedIn instead of liking. [2:42 min read]

Find out 5 reasons why a comment on LinkedIn gives you more results than a like. Now I realise most of us LinkedIn know-it-all bang on about this all the time. I’ll go one further.

After giving you the 5 reasons, I will also ???? ??? ??????? ???? ???????? ???????? ???????? right here, right now!

? With a comment, you actually TELL the person who posted why/what you liked about their post. This is a nice thing to do AND it strengthens their post (nice again).

? Whilst being nice and all, you also show some of YOUR expertise. You add value to the post AND give a sneak peek of the knowledge people need to know you for.

? The way you word your comment, gives the reader a feel for your personality. An ultimate yay or nay by the time someone considers hiring you.

? With a comment, you can start a conversation. This makes people notice, mention and remember you. Three things a mere like will not achieve.

? Your picture show with your comment, making it easy for people to recognise and remember you AND the first part of your headline is visible!

Did you notice? Points 1 and 5 actually each gave you two reasons to you just discovered SEVEN reasons why a comment on LinkedIn gives you more results merely clicking the like thing.

???? ????? ???? ??????????? ?? ??????? ??????? ???????? ????????:
① Go to your own recent activity.
② Take a screenshot of the last post you liked.
③ Post it in the comments on my LinkedIn Post.

I will respond to your comment with a suggestion for a comment you can add to the post your liked!

> The reason for doing this on LinkedIn is that it allows me to quickly click to your profile. In order to give you meaningful feedback, I need to know a little bit about what you do.

> Comment BELOW which of those reasons is the most compelling to you?

PS Want some help to really master this in a way that best suits you so that you will have fun whilst attracting clients? I am here for you! (go on, click, I know you want to!)