2 Ways to move things around on your LinkedIn profile

Moving sections around on LinkedIn isn’t new.

So why write about it now? Because plenty of people don’t know about it yet. And … because things have changed recently (December 2014). So just two short tips in this post.

1. Move sections on your LinkedIn profile

After your summary, LinkedIn displays your work experience. That might be just how you like it. It not ‘grab’ the section you want to display first and drag it in position. It is as simple as that. Just go into edit mode first.


2. Rearrange multiple ‘current positions’ on your LinkedIn profile

This one got me stumped this week. I developed a great eLearning LinkedIn Program and added my position as Studytube expert to my profile. I still want my own company to display first, so I needed to drag it back up to the top. And lo and behold the little icon was nowhere to be found. Guess what? You now need to drag some shaded/dotted area on the left!


>>> What sections did you move and why?<<<