LinkedIn Profile Quick-Scan

This if not for the faint-hearted. It is called quick-scan for a reason, I scan thoroughly then QUICKLY write up my findings. This doesn’t always come out in the most cushioned kind of phrases. It DOES however come with 13 straight forward observations about your LinkedIn Profile.


Feeling kinda smug really? Let me fix that! Anything that is as good as you think, I’ll make sure to let you know. Just be ready to get your socks knocked off with the room for improvement that I’m guaranteed to find with your profile. Are you game?


Just not sure where to start? How about you start right here with the LinkedIn Profile Quick-Scan? Not only will you receiver my 13-point itemised feedback of your profile, I’ll throw in my LinkedIn Profile Workbook as well, that way you can start straight away creating the profile that does you justice. All that for just €20. Really, that barely covers my time to write and send you the invoice!

Petra provided a very insightful perspective on my LinkedIn profile. I very much appreciate the practical and actionable advice and look forward to making the changes she recommended very soon.
~Amir Ghannad ~


Your ideal clients (or next employer) will never be able to overlook you again. That is, if you take action after receiving my feedback. It’s an easy process. See the 5 steps below:

Step 1: Sign up and show me the money.
Step 2: Connect with me on LinkedIn if we haven’t done so already.
Step 3: Sit back while I’ll conduct a quick scan of your profile.
Step 4: Obsessively check your LinkedIn Inbox for your Quick-Scan.
Step 5: Grab a copy of the LinkedIn Profile Workbook (FREE) and get cracking.


Your biggest investment: time and dedication.
– I’ll give you the feedback, you don’t have to do anything but pick yourself up afterwards.
– Allow yourself an hour or two to improve the aspects of your profile I’ve torn to pieces.
Money-wise your investment is just €20 including tax. Seriously, can you say no to that?

Are ready to receive a profile kick up the backside?

In return for just €20 you’ll receive a 13-point review of your LinkedIn Profile (we both know you want it, so just click).

LOVED this scan and LOVE your style, humor. I’ve wanted to work with you ever since I met you, so this was the perfect nudge. Thx!!!.
~ Allison Hamilton-Rohe ~

I don’t know how it happened, but this is just all girl talk here with the feedback. If you rather find out what the boys have to say, scroll down to find out.

Hi Petra, just finished reading your quick scan. I am very impressed on how precise, sharp, accurate yet witty and compelling it was. I had some valuable insights, I will definitely use them!
~ Carla Regina ~

Are ready to receive a profile kick up the backside?

In return for just €20 you’ll receive a 13-point review of your LinkedIn Profile (we both know you want it, so just click).

It’s evident that Petra has carefully and expertly built an evaluating process that lets her quickly provide highly valuable profile feedback in a very compact and organized form. It’s eerie the way I feel she can read my mind.
~Sid Clark ~

Didn’t mean to separate the boy talk from the girls feedback. Scroll up to see what they had to say.

Petra provides a great service, she recently conducted a review on my new Linkedin page. Her review was brutally honest and fair. I now fully understand what was good and what I have to work on.
~ Russ Nottingham ~