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Online LinkedIn Profile Course €197

You have LinkedIn Profile, but does it organically ATTRACT  your most brilliant, fun and motivated CLIENTS? Your dream clients as some prefer to call it. Or is it a boring list of what you’ve done? Your experience, knowledge and skills are not unique, YOU ARE! How about creating a LinkedIn Profile that sets you apart so that those that YOU 💝 to work with come to you! 

LinkedIn is always innovating, meaning screenshots in courses are usually out of date by the time your course is live. This course is no different. In 2021 LinkedIn not only made some cosmetic changes, they added lots of new goodies to your profile, such as name pronunciation, pronouns, cover video and creator mode.

Although these new features have not been added to the course in the same, set format, they ARE all covered in the material. 

The presentation of your training materials (written lesson, video lesson, extra resource) is not consistent for each topic. Now this could be the bad news and then I need to give you the good news now.

Guess what? We are talking GOOD NEWS twice. The different format means it is even more engaging AND as the course is not as sleek as I’d like you ALSO get the course to organically grow your network (€47) thrown in for free! 💥

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BONUS “7 Secrets to Authentically Grow Your Network” course now included!

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Stand Out to Fit In!

Adding your unique personality, values, and expertise to your LinkedIn Profile makes you stand out from the next professional AND fit in with your ideal client or company culture. Sounds hard? It isn’t once you know-how. The biggest mistake people make on LinkedIn is talking about their past. In this course, you’ll learn how to make every aspect of your profile fully future focused! No matter if your reader skims through your profile or reads every detail, they will feel this is the person I need.

Feeling overwhelmed just thinking about it? Not sure where to start? I got ya! Heck, I’ll even take you by the hand and walk you through the process step by step. BONUS: each lesson also includes a hand-out. Delivered in PDF format as we don’t want to be chopping down trees to send you a paper workbook. You can decide each day to read it online or print it, as long as you don’t print them every day you are helping preserve our environment.



Starting right at the top, it only takes you a few days to nail that first impression. BAM! Banner, Headshot (you don’t have to go see a photographer), Headline and opening statement of your About Section… IN DA POCKET.

I’ll be honest, the experience part can be tough, but hey after the quick wins you’re all hyped up and motivated to keep going, and after that things are going to be a breeze.

I took an online LinkedIn course with Petra and by the time I was only halfway through, my profile views and invitations were already skyrocketing. Working in HR and job coaching myself, I know my way around LinkedIn and I've seen good tips and profiles. Petra's course is the best LinkedIn course out there, even better than I had expected. What I loved about the course is that it taught me things I didn’t know and was fun to do. It’s comprehensive, doesn’t skimp on humour and motivation, and brings real results.

Marjolijn Vlug

Marjolijn Vlug • HR coaching • Job coaching


For each profile entry you’ll receice text lesson, video lesson and worksheet. See, I don’t know what you prefer, watching or reading, so to be on the safe side, you’ll receive both each day. Weekday that is. You can also ask for (and give) feedback in a closed FB group and mark each task off on your own personal checklist or in the group accountability poll.

LinkedIn rolled out a lot of new features recently. Here’s the good and the bad… the bad news is… there are not lessons for those. THE GOOD NEWS is that I included links to all sorts of posts and videos I did to cover this. So it is actually the most up to date part of the course!

Petra is an easy person to work with, listen to and respect! She is expert in her domain of LinkedIn consulting. Her direct style makes modifying my Profile a breeze. I actually get it done! Kudos to Petra!

Richard Lewine

Leadership Management International

I had the opportunity to go through Petra's Online LinkedIn Training "Your Daily LinkedIn Dose. In less than a week, I felt empowered to optimize my LinkedIn profile myself! I had previously paid a "Harvard" graduate on Fiverr to do it for me and was disappointed by the results as my profile was stiff and written with a bunch of $5 words that were not true to me, my brand, or my industry! But with Petra's training, I was able to take charge of my profile and change it to reflect my personal style without compromising professionalism. Thank you, Petra!

Amy Nelson

Wonderscope Children's Museum of Kansas City


There is a closed FB Group where participants support each other. Every day you can share what you are working on and give each other feedback. So far this has worked a treat, as you get different perspectives instead of just mine. I’m adding my 2 cents here and there, but am unable to answer each individual question that gets asked. Previous participants have indicated they would have gladly paid a little more, to be able to have an individual session when the going gets stuff. Or at the end, feedback and last tips.

Petra is the real deal when it comes to LinkedIn knowledge. I thought I knew quite a bit already, but I learned so much from her Your Daily LinkedIn Dose training! Petra has the talent to break down complex knowledge into bite-size tasks that are easy to complete. Now I know exactly what to pay attention to on my LinkedIn profile and how to use that to build more trust and credibility. Get your LinkedIn game going by hiring Petra. She's not all that cranky or fuddy-duddy she claims to be. She's bloody amazing!

Nicoline Huizinga

Personal Eyes | Visibility & Business Coach

Rarely have I reached out for help in any capacity. But I knew I needed help refining and polishing my Linked-In profile. Petra's daily dose proved the right bite-size help to allow me to better customise my look. It was her response time that was immeasurably valuable. She responded promptly to mine and other requests through the dedicated Facebook Group page. Answering questions succinctly with what can or can't be done on Linked-In and most importantly ..HOW to do it. You proved yourself a good teacher Petra. Many thanks from Canada.

Dennis W. Kelly

First Impressions Media


Who are your training sessions for?

The individual programs are best suited for solo entrepreneurs or people with small businesses. The first 3 weeks of the program: "SERIOUS SHIT:  a Total LinkedIn Solution for Global Entrepreneurs" can be offered as a program for people in employment who want to reposition themselves.

The DIY online training programs are suitable for anyone who wants to improve their profile and/or network.

In-person workshops are offered for entrepreneurs (solo or small business) only.

The "for company" trainings are for organisations to train all of their employees on site.

    What results can I expect from this training?

    The focus is to create a Fully Future Focused LinkedIn Presence. This results in every entry on your profile and every update and comment you place strengthening your authority – thought leadership if you wish - on your current expertise. By showing your expertise, skills, personality and values, you will only attract people you love to work with.
    The networking training is based on authentic and organic growth and engagement of your network. Building true relationships.
    The strategy training is about long term LinkedIn use creating visibility and trust. When people are ready for the services you offer, they will think of you first.

    Can I pay in installments?

    I hear ya, money needs to come in before it goes out. With packages over €2000, we can def talk about a payment plan. The first monthly instalment will be due before our work together. 

    Are clients pleased with your work?

    Yup! At least that is what they tell me. Check it out here. Honestly, I've only had 1 client in 7 years that was disappointed and then we worked together to fix it.

    Aren't your services grossly overpriced?

    Nah. If work with you 1-on-1 I also do stuff for you behind the scenes. Like show up well prepared. I am quite sensitive to how people work most comfortably and quickly adapt if my style is not working for you. It is a lot of money, no denying that. The price is reasonable though. The online training has bonus live Q&A sessions each week and some feedback from me throughout.

    How much time do I need to invest after working with you?

    Glad you asked. You will need to implement what you learn regularly and consistently. Previous clients have reported increased profile views and connection request from relevant people after spending as little as 20 dedicated minutes on LinkedIn 3 times a week.

    Are there any side-effects?

    Yes, people have reported the following side effects: more clarity on own strengths, knowledge and skills. Better able to talk about outcomes of their work in acquisition and networking conversations. Mild addiction to active LinkedIn use might occur. Expressing oneself authentically becomes second nature.

    Can I just pick your brain?

    The packages I offer are developed to give you the best value for your time and money investments. If you just want to pick my brain or like some additional support after a workshop or online training the following rates apply. 45 min individual support call €150, 2 calls €275, 3 calls €400 or 5 for the price of 4 calls €600