The LinkedIn Profile Bootcamp


So that profile visitors LOVE to become your clients!

REGISTRATION FOR THE AUGUST BOOTCAMP IS NOW OPEN! Are you counting down to your September holiday as you’re not tied down by school holidays? How about you fix your LinkedIn Profile FIRST so that it will attract the right clients for you from the day you get back to work! The Bootcamp with daily implementation sessions is the ultimate way to stop procrastinating and GET IT DONE.

The August LinkedIn Profile Bootcamp starts in...








⭐ The LinkedIn Profile Bootcamp: it takes just 5 days to GET IT DONE! 👉🏼 So that you start attracting those clients that YOU love to work with. Sure you CAN rewrite your profile with a DIY course (written lessons, videos, worksheets) except… you tend to get side-tracked along the line.

It is not the writing that is the problem, but the GETTING IT DONE.

In the Bootcamp, you can join a 2-hour implementation session each day to do quick fixes on the spot and work on drafts for other parts. Depending on your time zone you could even hop on TWICE a day!

There is a FB group for support and sparring with other participants and if you miss a live “Get it Done” session you have 2 days to watch the recording. Yup, no longer as this is the GET IT DONE boot camp (and yes, boot camps require a short burst of serious input to get your desired output: a LinkedIn Profile that Attracts those clients that YOU 💖 to work with. BAM!

There you go, all the lessons: written, video, worksheets from the e-course (sells at €197) AND 10 hours (5 session) of LIVE implementation + Q&A so that you get it done! Pay only €297.  Sounds crazy? Well, that’s my middle name! You are welcome to pay €1200 to do your whole profile 1-on-1 with me if your prefer. 😁

Register for Petra Fisher’s next “LinkedIn Profile Bootcamp: GET IT DONE” today and discover how to attract new clients for your business through your LinkedIn Profile.

✅ 5x 2-hour live session to learn, implement and ask questions.

✅ New features covered before they are in the DIY course.

✅ Replays are available all week.

✅ Free access to closed FB group.

✅ Ask feedback on every aspect in the group.

Yours to keep, for deeper learning or future reference:

✅ 15 video lessons

✅ 15 worksheets

✅ 15 written step by step action lessons


  • 00-02 AM or   06-08 AM  SAN FRANCISCO
  • 03-05 AM or   09-11 AM  NEW YORK
  • 08-10 AM or   14-16 PM  LONDON
  • 09-11 AM or   15-17 PM  AMSTERDAM
  • 15-17 PM or    21-23 AM  SINGAPORE
  • 17-19 PM or    23-01 AM  SYDNEY

To really get the most out of LinkedIn, why not combine the profile boot camp with a 1-on-1 strategy session? Yup, fully focused on YOUR business goals.

This brings the price from the boot camp down from €297 to just €100 when added to your private LinkedIn Strategy Session 👈🏼 click to check it out now.

As my time is finite (haven’t been able to clone myself) there is a limited number of strategy sessions availble.

I always thought I knew enough about LinkedIn but Petra proved me wrong. The way Petra does her training makes it easy to adjust your profile and make it more visible and appealing to potential employers and clients. 

~ Jarek Zdrzeniecki ~

Struggling to have the REAL you shine through on your LinkedIn profile? Attend Petra’s LinkedIn Training. Petra is a true expert on how to make your LinkedIn Profile work in such a way that you draw in the right opportunities.

~ Kirsten de Greling Visman~

Petra helped me to recognize myself as an entrepreneur, to be proud of and accept this role without inflating it, to create a great story around my history and expertise, and to express this in the kind of language that resonates with my audience. 

~ Catherine Ann Stone ~

Workout-Bootcamp-Petra Fisher-LinkedIn Trainer


Who is Petra Fisher? The nutcake who just shared a picture I’d never thought I’d make public!  Seemed appropriate for a boot camp though. This was me working with my trainer on a day that was so rainy we had to go for cover AND had to do crunchies standing up!

Here’s my formal bio (that people use when I am doing speaking gigs).

“Cranky old fuddy-duddy claims to know shitloads about LinkedIn. Says she can help global entrepreneurs attract clients”, is the first thing I read on Petra Fisher’s LinkedIn Profile.

Global entrepreneurs who aren’t after any old client, but want the most fun, brilliant, motivated client work with Petra. “Your LinkedIn Presence must filter out crap clients and attract the right people”, she says.

 Petra lives with her big fat red cat (Bluey) and teenage daughter (who thinks most of Petra’s brilliant jokes are quite dumb). When not working or reading books she is either walking, sleeping or doing crochet.

PS Petra trained over 3500 entrepreneurs, leaders and other clever cookies and has no intention to stop doing so any time soon.

Petra knows that even the tiniest details will make a huge difference to your LinkedIn profile.  I really enjoyed the bite-size assignments; very doable and they really forced me to have a good, hard look at my profile

~ Andreea Dumitru ~

I recently completed Petra’s Online LinkedIn Profile course and found it extremely insightful. Petra’s daily emails made me reflect on the work I do and the service I offer in a fresh new way by thinking out of the box.

~ Rawia Liverpool ~

Petra is an easy person to work with, listen to and respect! She is expert in her domain of LinkedIn consulting. Her direct style makes modifying my Profile a breeze. I actually get it done! Kudos to Petra!

~ Richard Lewine ~