SERIOUS SHIT: A Total LinkedIn Solution for Global Entrepreneurs

SERIOUS SHIT: A Total LinkedIn Solution for Entrepreneurs!

Given that you are reading this page, I am going to assume (treading on dangerous ground here) that you are ready to ATTRACT your most brilliant, fun and motivated clients. Clients that you LOVE to work with. You KNOW using LinkedIn plays a big role in making this happen. You REALISE that everybody is on LinkedIn these days. Now ALL YOU NEED is to figure out how to put it all together.



to attract your most brilliant, fun & motivated clients


I’ve been working with service-based entrepreneurs all over the world since 2012. During this time I have analysed what worked and developed a proven individual training program to naturally and organically attract your most brilliant, fun and motivated clients.

  • Always Add Value, people will love you for it.
  • Show Personality, to filter the no-thanks from the YES PLEASE clients.
  • Fully Future Focused, EVERYTHING you ever did needs to prove your current expertise.

In this program we work together, I co-pilot so the speak, until you are ready to fly on your own.

Within a year of working with Petra, I went from cold calling from my kitchen table to being found and contracted by clients through LinkedIn. I now work from a co-working office and have been able to scale my business. Petra put my LinkedIn profile and activity on a completely different level. I am connecting with my peer group, finding new business relationships and putting my content out there the right way. Petra's methodology is amazing. And one last thing. She is a really nice person. And I love working with super-competent nice people. I really recommend her.

Rebecca Troch

Senior Business Strategy Consultant, Counting the Apples


Before we dive in, we both have prep work to do. Your part consists of:

  • watch the welcome video
  • print your program checklist
  • fill out the preparation questionnaire
  • complete the keyword exercise
  • collect resources such as reviews, pictures, videos, your CV
WEEK 1 - RESEARCH (3 hour session)

During our first call we’ll do all the thinking. What is your goal with LinkedIn? Who do you want to reach and what message do you need to get across? We will dive deep into your work experience to find out how we can bring everything you’ve ever done in line with what you are doing now. We’ll end up creating a LinkedIn Presence where everything adds proof that you are brilliant at what you do. You may scribble notes madly here or relax, as I will record the session for you.

> Homework: head-shot + banner (If you need a stock image, I’ll provide one.)

    WEEK 2 - WRITING (3 hour session)

    This week we’ll work on your profile. Well write, spar, tweak and keep going until it is right and then you’ll whack in on your profile. Although we are only halfway after this session, your profile visitors will be WOW’ed immediately as we’re doing the most visible aspects first. It’s going to be intense, hard work AND good fun.

    We’ll upload your banner and head-shot, if you haven’t done so already (I understand if you move ahead in your excitement to make things happen). We’ll craft your headline, write your about section, update and improve all job titles, write your current experience and finish off by adding and re-ordering your skills. All FIFTY of them!

    > Homework: collect all media you’d like on your profile in one handy dandy folder.

      WEEK 3 - FINISHING TOUCH (3 hour session)

      This week is a mixed bag of more writing (3 most recent jobs). Tweaking settings for optimal VISIBILITY and FINDABILITY. We’ll add media left, right and centre to create your maximum impact profile.


      I will share some nitty-gritty stuff you need to know before you get active on LinkedIn. Once you start posting, commenting, sharing and so on, you want to create maximum impact towards your goals. We’ll even set up a spreadsheet with KPIs to track the results of your active LinkedIn use.


      WEEK 4 - BUSINESS BABY! (3 hour session)

      Now that your LinkedIn Profile is showing your expertise, experience and exceptional personality it is time to look at your LinkedIn company page. If you haven’t got one, we’ll create it. If you do, we’ll review it. This week is for working out your LinkedIn strategy for posting, and commenting.

      It is also time to get SERIOUS about your network. You need quality AND quantity and you’ll learn how to continually, organically grow your network in an authentic way.

      During this session we are not just talking about active engagement, we are also going to jump into the deep end and MAKE IT HAPPEN.

      > Homework: post, comment and connect with PURPOSE.

        WEEKS 5, 6 & 7 - PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT (30 min sessions)

        I don’t believe in telling people what to do and then hoping for the best. I believe in going there together until you nail it! Each week we’ll set goals for posting, commenting and connecting. During our call we’ll review your actions, what worked, what needs fine-tuning, where you need help. It takes time to build new habits, by the end of week seven you’ll be experienced and confident in your actions.

        > Homework: post, comment and connect with PURPOSE.

        As a finance man, I like structures and processes, which is what you get when you work with Petra. Having said that, as soon as she notices something doesn't work for you, she adapts to match your needs and is approachable for questions between sessions. Not only did I gain a deeper understanding of how LinkedIn can be used for business, Petra helped me find my own voice and style of engaging through the platform.

        Leigh A. Hooper

        CFO / FD for Start-Ups, Peak Consulting GmbH


        • €2300 + VAT where applicable (one payment or two €1200 payments)
        • Allow 2 hours a week apart from our calls, more is optional.
        • Sleeping 7 hours a night + having a nice cuppa does miracles for your brainpower!

        I was recommended to use Petra by a colleague. She has developed a thorough process that she goes through with you in order to build up your LinkedIn activity and it turns out that LinkedIn is a much better tool than I realised.

        Now that I am more active, more people want to connect with me every day. At first I felt that Petra's process was a lot of work, but now I feel inspired to do the work. In fact writing short updates for LinkedIn, I now even feel tempted to write a book!

        Petra works you hard, but in a lovely manner, and it's an effective process. Money well spent!

        Jennie Monon

        Senior Executive Coach and Consultant, Monon Executive Consulting