My LinkedIn | BOOK REVIEW by Petra Fisher

linkedin-book-review-06-petra-fisherExcellent LinkedIn book for the more visually minded reader. Lots of screenshot and the writing is part in light shaded background as well. Very visual. Not so much a crash on the sofa and read book, but a hands on step by step do it now book. Work on your profile and strategy as you read. Great manual.


  • Creating your LinkedIn Account
  • Creating your LinkedIn Profile
  • Communicating with other LinkedIn Members
  • Searching on LinkedIn
  • Viewing News on LinkedIn Pulse
  • Finding a Job
  • Working with LinkedIn Recommendations and Endorsements
  • Participating in LinkedIn Groups
  • Advertising on LinkedIn

Good information about managing recommendations. How to hide and restore them or to reuqest a replacement if it is not quite what you hoped for (or has typos).

Get your copy: My LinkedIn | Patrice-Anne Ruthledge