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Petra Fisher (yup that’s me really) has been featured on different platforms over the years. Podcasts, a TV short, online interviews, speaking at conferences, publishing guest articles you name it I did it. If you, too, would like me to speak at your event or publish and interview with me,
by all means, reach out. Just remember, if we are to meet IRL my functioning depends on copious amounts of Earl Grey (weak, no milk, no sugar).

Love to learn about LinkedIn by listening to podcasts?

Well, well, isn’t this your lucky day!

Here is a ?️ Spotify playlist with the podcasts  ? that had me as a guest. What’s that? You’d like YOUR podcast to be featured on this Spotify playlist? Why not. Invite me to be a guest and we’ll make it happen.

Podcast-fabulous after fifty-julie kennedy-featuring Petra Fisher-linkedin training consultant
pristine podcast-featuring Petra Fisher-linkedin training
podcast-personal branding-petra fisher-linkedin training-entrepreneurs


  • Please tell me in one line is this about a speaking gig or an interview?
  • Please let me know what you have in mind. Include links to more information where possible.