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Hey there, I love a good chat about LinkedIn Training, so, by all means, DO reach out to me through the form below. Happy to discuss how we can make LinkedIn work for you whilst enjoying a cuppa Earl Grey. Meanwhile, why don’t you grab a copy of my FREE LinkedIn Profile Workbook, after all… I wrote it for you!
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Who are your training sessions for?

The individual programs are best suited for solo entrepreneurs or people with small businesses. The first 3 weeks of the program: "SERIOUS SHIT:  a Total LinkedIn Solution for Global Entrepreneurs" can be offered as a program for people in employment who want to reposition themselves.

The DIY online training programs are suitable for anyone who wants to improve their profile and/or network.

In-person workshops are offered for entrepreneurs (solo or small business) only.

The "for company" trainings are for organisations to train all of their employees on site.

    What results can I expect from this training?

    The focus is to create a Fully Future Focused LinkedIn Presence. This results in every entry on your profile and every update and comment you place strengthening your authority – thought leadership if you wish - on your current expertise. By showing your expertise, skills, personality and values, you will only attract people you love to work with.
    The networking training is based on authentic and organic growth and engagement of your network. Building true relationships.
    The strategy training is about long term LinkedIn use creating visibility and trust. When people are ready for the services you offer, they will think of you first.

    Can I pay in installments?

    I hear ya, money needs to come in before it goes out. With packages over €2000, we can def talk about a payment plan. The first monthly instalment will be due before our work together. 

    Are clients pleased with your work?

    Yup! At least that is what they tell me. Check it out here. Honestly, I've only had 1 client in 7 years that was disappointed and then we worked together to fix it.

    Aren't your services grossly overpriced?

    Nah. If work with you 1-on-1 I also do stuff for you behind the scenes. Like show up well prepared. I am quite sensitive to how people work most comfortably and quickly adapt if my style is not working for you. It is a lot of money, no denying that. The price is reasonable though. The online training has bonus live Q&A sessions each week and some feedback from me throughout.

    How much time do I need to invest after working with you?

    Glad you asked. You will need to implement what you learn regularly and consistently. Previous clients have reported increased profile views and connection request from relevant people after spending as little as 20 dedicated minutes on LinkedIn 3 times a week.

    Are there any side-effects?

    Yes, people have reported the following side effects: more clarity on own strengths, knowledge and skills. Better able to talk about outcomes of their work in acquisition and networking conversations. Mild addiction to active LinkedIn use might occur. Expressing oneself authentically becomes second nature.

    Can I just pick your brain?

    The packages I offer are developed to give you the best value for your time and money investments. If you just want to pick my brain or like some additional support after a workshop or online training the following rates apply. 45 min individual support call €150, 2 calls €275, 3 calls €400 or 5 for the price of 4 calls €600

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