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Another major stuff-up and how I fixed it!

Another major stuff-up and how I fixed it!

TL;DR; (too long; didn’t read;) key points of this video.

  1. Pay attention to holidays, especially when your audience in global.
  2. Fix any stuff up, as long as it doesn’t damage your credibility.
  3. Only have ONE call to action, don’t confuse your audience.
  4. I (Petra) AM quite brilliant at some things! ?
  5. You want to check out the “give this a miss” part of the sales page (you do, honestly).



Hey there, me again. So the plan was to update you on the launch this week. Oh my gosh, bad hair day. Yep, the plan was to update you on the launch this week. The membership launch that started out as an epic fail – as far as launches go. And some days ago, I did a whole video – transcript and all that – to explain why – as a launch – it was such a fail. 

I don’t think it was a fail in other respects. Like I did that workshop, that free online workshop. And even though I didn’t make any membership sales at the end. What I did do, was I created loyal fans. I created ambassadors, so over time some of these people most likely become paying clients or they will refer other people to me. So that’s that bit. 

The other thing is, because I started so late with the launch. Normally – my style at least – is to post a bit more often and then still give really useful helpful LinkedIn tips and then sort of as an aside, have a bit of a PS.  Like: hey, by the way, you might want to buy this or whatnot.

It means that all my posts my videos, my newsletters, still have LinkedIn tips – still have valuable content – with a little bit of a sales message and then towards the end, this where you really go like, you know, 48 hours left 24 hours left 2 hours left to really get those people that were on the fence the whole time to buy the membership. 

Because I hardly did any content leading up to it. It feels quite awkward to now suddenly jump into this quick quick quick buy now kind of thing. I’m still going to do it, because you know, nothing lost. 

So what’s happening at the moment? I’ve done two emails that I thought still quite interesting but also had a bit of sales pitch in there. Each one only had three unsubscribes. So that’s not too bad. That’s actually going quite well. 

BUT… but, but, but, I just realised the biggest stuff up ever in this launch.

And I mean I lived in the United States twice in my life. After High School, I lived in Denver Colorado for six months. I came back here, got a degree and then I lived in Washington DC for another 6 months. After that, I spent 10 years in Australia, which is not relevant for this bit. But since I came back to the Netherlands, I have mainly surrounded myself with expats. 

So I’ve somehow been living in this global community, online, offline, everywhere and what did I forget? The last day of this membership launch, the day that it’s like BUY NOW or things go up in price and all that kind of stuff. It is Thanksgiving in the US.

How stupid can you be?

But you know what? I’m just going to change it. Yep. So few people would have seen things that say, oh you got to buy before Thursday night 26th of November at 8 p.m. My time. And then it may or may not say what kind that is in other parts of the world. And I’m just going to change it.

On the one hand, with launches and things, there’s always this thing. If you say this day, this time, that’s it. We’re going to cut it off. Then don’t sell it for that same price after that. And that is fair enough, you know, you want to be reliable you want to be trustworthy.

But because I’ve still got two days, I will go on my website, reset the timer, change the wording so that I still stick to it, that if you hit my website And it says that the membership is only available at this rate, until this day this time, and this has passed and you don’t go and buy, yep. It’ll be a hundred euros more. So that is a thing. I really need to fix it today. And that was my quick news [mumble] launch.

Oh something else, don’t know if you’ve really looked into – so here’s a business tip coming up – Don’t know how much you really looked into marketing and maybe email marketing or sales pages all that in your business.

The biggest thing they’re always telling us… Have ONE, only one, call to action. Don’t give people different things to click on, because either they get confused and click nothing or they might click the wrong thing. So only promote one thing at a time. 

So what did I do today? I sent out an extra email a Facebook post and a LinkedIn post to let people know about LinkedIn Tea. My free weekly LinkedIn training that is happening today and I wanted a few more bums on seats so yeah to completely confuse people whilst I’m in a launch, trying to sell a paid membership, [unintelligent sounds] brilliant membership really, more about that later. 

So while I’m doing this, suddenly I spend the day promoting a free thing in the middle of it. Yeah. Marketing maybe not my strongest point. 

☑ LinkedIn Training.

☑ Business Coaching.

☑ Having fun.


?????? What was your best ‘save’ when you stuffed up? ??????

One quick LinkedIn action, two new high ticket clients

One quick LinkedIn action, two new high ticket clients

TL;DR; (too long; didn’t read;) key points of this video.

  1. When you are visible for your expertise people start mentioning you to others.
  2. Make connecting on LinkedIn personal.
  3. Share some of your expertise in a valuable manner with your connections.
  4. Impress people (in a positive manner) and they will keep the talk about you going.
  5. Overnight success takes consistent action, something I support you with week after week in the LinkedIn Tea Lounge.
  6. Hot off the press:  this small action actually resulted in not TWO but THREE high ticket new clients. BAM.



Hey, hey, hello. Today I want to talk to you about a tiny little action I took. The actual action took me less than to less than two minutes and that gave me 2 one-on-one clients, my high ticket service which, ehm, you know, generating enough income for me for the next six weeks.

Yeah, all that from one action that took less than two minutes.

I’ll tell you what this action was, but let’s look a little bit at the context. I don’t know if you’ve heard this thing… a lot of people whether they’re big in business or showbiz or something else. They sometimes complain that the world doesn’t take them seriously.

That people think they just woke up one day with this big success. Whereas overnight success generally has been in the making 10-20 years.

That also happened a bit with what I did here, because that one little action that I took came from trial and error over a period of years. Seeing what worked. Finding my own way in how I work and tweaking it, testing, trying out… things like that.

One of the things I always talk about is how I don’t do acquisition in the sense of cold calling, cos that’s scary. Instead, the way I act and interact on LinkedIn gets people to notice me, to remember me, to get a bit of a feel for my expertise and my personality and that leads to clients.

This is something that – again – I have developed over years. So it’s easier for me now to teach other people – to teach you – how to do these things. Because I don’t need as many years it took me to figure it out and perfect it, to them explain it to you.

What was this little action, you may wonder? Just a voice message! As a voice message on LinkedIn can only be 60 seconds, I had to look at the profile to decide what to say. So that’s why I said it took me two minutes.

What happened? I got a connection request and I got this from someone that I absolutely didn’t know. No idea, we didn’t even have joined connections, nothing there, but they did send me a personal invite. That’s always good thing. They told me that my name had been mentioned in some Facebook group. A Facebook group that I am not a member of.

So that was the first good thing. That is what happens when you become very visible for your expertise. People start talking behind your back in a good way. Anyway, so I accepted the invite, sent a nice message back, then – when I went on the person’s profile – I saw something that completely confused the shit outta me. Where I didn’t know if they were looking for clients as a consultant or looking for an employer. And whether their main focus was this industry or that and there were two specific parts that totally send different messages.

I recorded a voice message, obviously with something nice to say, something I really liked about the profile and then said look, you know, there’s just one thing that really confuses me. So I hope you don’t mind and I told them what confused me. This led to some messaging back and forth. We hopped on a quick call about my work and what I offer and all that.

They were interested. I talked about my program. It’s actually called: Serious Shit. Which is my seven-week signature program. But at that stage they were more interested in profile only, which is about half that program. Yeah, but then the big thing was they still weren’t even sure themselves whether to go for employee or consultant.

That was their biggest struggle at the moment, and I had picked up on that from their profile and put the finger on it in that one-minute message. I gave it a few days and then I said, look if that’s your struggle, why don’t we hop on another call and talk about that. We did, I took notes and took a picture of the notes. Sent it to her and said look, this is how I see it.

Now what happened this person did end up hiring me for the profile, but they actually rang their brother in a different country. And talked about that one-minute voice message. They said: look you got to reach out to this lady. (that’s me) Because if she can give this much value in just a 60-second voice message. Imagine what it’d be like to work with her.

So the brother also booked a call with me. He knew exactly where he was going, what he wanted, what he was doing and booked the big fat Serious Shit program. Anyways, I’ve got another call lined up today with his best friend. [SPOILER ALERT: the friend just booked the 7-week Serious Shit program, so my small LinkedIn action gained me THREE hight ticket new clients. BAM] And I mean we’re talking people, we’re talking people in a company that everybody knows – that’s not LinkedIn.

Yeah, and you know and at a level where, where they know what they’re doing. And that is the kind of client I like best. It’s not so much like. Oh look at this high up corporate client. No, it’s like getting a new client who’s at a stage where they know what they stand for, where they know what they want, when they know what their values are, and THEN working with them to word that on their LinkedIn.

That is so amazing. Well, I think so anyway.

If you like that idea of, you know, sending a quick voice message after you connect with someone. Then I encourage you to just play with it for a while. Do it for one week. Tell yourself for one week, every new connection request you get, you visit their profile you find something that relates to your area of expertise so that you can give a tip or even if you don’t want to give a tip, but just a nice little voice message. Just do it for one week.

You know what?

That is also what we do in the membership. So I’ve got this membership, right? Not sure if you’ve heard about it the LinkedIn Tea Lounge and in there – every single week, so 52 weeks a year. I post a video, a lot shorter than this video don’t you worry about that, and it gives a tip. Then there’s a worksheet. So that you can… all these thoughts and ideas that might pop up in your head while you watch the video. You can organise them in a bit of a structured manner in this worksheet. And then there’s a challenge that pretty much says go and do this for a week.

Now the fun thing about doing this in a membership community is that there’s a leader board, some people need that competition. For others, it’s the accountability of knowing that we’re in it as a group. It’s a supportive community. People talk to each other and all this kind of stuff. So yeah, if you like this little tip that I shared with you here, there’s a lot more like that in the LinkedIn Tea Lounge.

A video, worksheet & challenge and then you have a week to fully focus on that one thing.

[strange sound] I got completely distracted, did you see my cat? Well on that note, I think I better sign off and ehm do you another little video tomorrow! How about that? Bye.

 ?????? What is the most amazing way you once got a new client? ??????

Business Lessons from my Epic Fail Launch

Business Lessons from my Epic Fail Launch

TL;DR; The 5 main business lessons I learned from the epic fail launch last week:

  1. Free workshops have a low show up rate, promote in time to get at least 100 sign ups.
  2. Less is more. If you want to sell, you need to leave people wanting more.
  3. Fail fast, a start-up principle is also applied by The Coca-Cola Company. Learn and move on.
  4. When a launch fails, it doesn’t mean there is no market for the product.
  5. Those who attended the workshop loved it, they’ll become ambassadors for my work.



Have you ever made what felt like a major stuff up and then it turns out that it’s not a bad thing at all? So I got this feeling at the moment, because I just did 3 things that I would always prevent others from doing. Three major stuff-ups. Which is not the best thing to do when you’re doing a launch.

When you’re launching your new membership program and you want all these people to sign up. I’ll tell you what these three things are that I completely stuffed up. But I want to tell you a little bit first why I’m not upset about it. So there’s this thing.

I’m reading this book at the moment by David Butler the vice president of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at The Coca-Cola Company. And there’s two things in there that really, really struck a note with me.

He says to design to grow you need two things which are Scale and Agility. A lot of times in business you don’t see these two. You see a lot of start-ups having agility and big companies having scale. And somehow they seem to be mutually exclusive. While the whole book is going to talk us through how they’re not and how you combine them for your success.

One of the principles there – and this is why I’m not upset at all about this quite epic fail of a launch that I did last week – when you’re about a hundred or so pages into the book, it starts to talk about the fail… fast fail or fail fast. Yeah fail fast and how generally this is something that you see a lot in the entrepreneurial world, in start-ups.

You know when they have all these fancy quotes on the walls and all that. And really it means – you know – you just dive in there you get going. If you fail you’re going to fail. You’re going to learn your lesson, but if you do it fast, at least you haven’t wasted an awful lot of time and effort and other stuff, you know just to fail.

And the book is going to explain to us how even once companies are bigger and have less agility and more scale. How you can still apply the principle to fail fast and how The Coca-Cola Company has been doing this all the time.

So that sort of makes me feel good, because I failed fast and hard.

What are the three things that I completely stuffed up launching this new membership site? Mind you, the membership is already up and running. I’ve been sneaking people in through the backdoor to have, you know, these so-called founding members to play around with it for a while. After six weeks I asked them for feedback and based on their feedback and a sense that I got, I made changes and tweaked and so there’s a really, really good thing there now and you know, I’ll keep at it. It’s not a problem.

So the three things: one is… and this is just a classic kind of launch thing. When you launch with an online workshop or webinar something like that. There’s some statistics of this many sign-ups, you’re lucky if you get a – I think it’s like 30% – show-up and then of these people you do really well if you have a five percent conversion.

I’ve done it in the past and had, I don’t know maybe a hundred and ten signups. It had like a 40% show-up which is quite high. And yeah, had a decent conversion rate. This time I started promoting the workshop way too late.

I only had 38 sign-ups for the workshop. Now given that generally 30% shows up that would have been 13 people and the conversion rates for that is like yeah, that’s pretty sad.

So that was my first big stuff up. And that’s okay. That’s a business owner stuff up you know, I’d only done a few launches before.

The real mega stuff up is in what I put in the workshop.

Before I was an entrepreneur, I worked in an organisation where I was in charge of workshops. Not so much Learning and Development in the company. Although I did do that as well. But my main thing was helping the colleagues with great expert knowledge to translate that into a workshop to deliver to the clients of the organisation.

And without fail, I’d ask them, you know, because they had all the subject knowledge and I just have – well not just. I am the expert on changing that into an interesting engaging workshop.

I’d ask people to just type out for me. Give me in a word doc, the information they wanted to get across in the workshop. And nine times out of ten. If not ten out of ten. I would hand it straight back. I wouldn’t even read it. I could with my eyes closed say OK I want you to reduce this to one-third of what you’ve just given me before I’m even going to talk about this.

Because if you want to convey this much information in a two-hour workshop. You’re better off just printing it and hand it over to them to be able to read. A workshop has to be interactive, has to be engaging, has to be conducive to learning and all that kind of stuff. You can’t stick that much in. I have been telling people this for the past 20 years.

So, what did I do? I put way too much in there!

Way too much. Flipping thing went for two hours. Sure enough, there was still you know, 10 people or so 9, 10 people at the end. And they loved it and they enjoyed it. And well, they should have enjoyed it, because it was the LinkedIn Party Time workshop.

So we had fun games. We had the wheel of names spinning, piñata whacking and all sorts of things. So they got a lot of value out of it, but obviously no need to join the membership. So that was mistake two.

1. I didn’t put enough time in promoting the workshop beforehand.
2. I put way too much content in there.

And ehm, I had a third one which I completely forgot. I knew I was going to talk to you about three things. But anyways, like I said, yeah, I’m not too worried about it.

The principle of fail fast is that you learn from your mistakes. You move on from them and you carry on. So that workshop, yeah. I didn’t post a replay the next day because I had to edit out some anecdotes, some casual ch,t some other bits…

That spinning of the wheel which is great fun when you’re there, when you’re all excited. Whoa is my name going to come up? But which is, you know, it’s a time waster in the replay.

I managed to bring the replay back to an hour and 10 minutes instead of two hours and posted that now. And you know, the deadline is five days away.

The deadline before the price goes up.

Because when I was sneaking people in through the back door, I gave them access to the membership for a €100 less than the actual price. And so the launch was last Thursday. I was going to give people a week where you can still get in at these founding member rates. So I’m just going to carry on this week. You know email people.

Probably come back in a little videos and report to you daily how many people unsubscribe from my list. Either for getting too many mails, no longer interested or – worst case scenario – mark on the spam. But you know, we’ll see what happens.

Anyways, the reason I’m sharing this with you.

Is that a lot of time with entrepreneurs. We only see the successful things. I could have waited and if I managed to sell a decent amount of memberships by Thursday I could be raving about that, you know really humble bragging. When you pretending to talk about something else, but really saying: look I’ve got this when you sign ups.

I think as solo entrepreneurs we all have these moments. When we’re either not prepared enough or stuff up, or try something new too quickly. And that’s another thing.

In the past, if I did something and it didn’t work. I thought: okay that didn’t work and I moved on to something else. Whereas now I keep at it because I know what I’ve got.

The membership is good. I can see it through people that are in there. What they say, how they feel. So it’s not that my product, or my service, is no good. It’s just that. I missed steps in letting the world know about it. So I’m just gonna keep it that. And I’m going to share with you what’s going on.

Because if nothing else it might, you know, help you bit feel more confident in your business. And if that is the only thing I achieve with this video, then that is actually mission accomplished.

So this week there’ll probably be a daily video from me. So look out for those and good luck with you and your business.


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