Another major stuff-up in my LinkedIn Tea Lounge (membership) launch.

TL;DR; (too long; didn’t read;) key points of this video.

  1. Pay attention to holidays, especially when your audience in global.
  2. Fix any stuff up, as long as it doesn’t damage your credibility.
  3. Only have ONE call to action, don’t confuse your audience.
  4. I (Petra) AM quite brilliant at some things! ?
  5. You want to check out the “give this a miss” part of the sales page (you do, honestly).



Hey there, me again. So the plan was to update you on the launch this week. Oh my gosh, bad hair day. Yep, the plan was to update you on the launch this week. The membership launch that started out as an epic fail – as far as launches go. And some days ago, I did a whole video – transcript and all that – to explain why – as a launch – it was such a fail. 

I don’t think it was a fail in other respects. Like I did that workshop, that free online workshop. And even though I didn’t make any membership sales at the end. What I did do, was I created loyal fans. I created ambassadors, so over time some of these people most likely become paying clients or they will refer other people to me. So that’s that bit. 

The other thing is, because I started so late with the launch. Normally – my style at least – is to post a bit more often and then still give really useful helpful LinkedIn tips and then sort of as an aside, have a bit of a PS.  Like: hey, by the way, you might want to buy this or whatnot.

It means that all my posts my videos, my newsletters, still have LinkedIn tips – still have valuable content – with a little bit of a sales message and then towards the end, this where you really go like, you know, 48 hours left 24 hours left 2 hours left to really get those people that were on the fence the whole time to buy the membership. 

Because I hardly did any content leading up to it. It feels quite awkward to now suddenly jump into this quick quick quick buy now kind of thing. I’m still going to do it, because you know, nothing lost. 

So what’s happening at the moment? I’ve done two emails that I thought still quite interesting but also had a bit of sales pitch in there. Each one only had three unsubscribes. So that’s not too bad. That’s actually going quite well. 

BUT… but, but, but, I just realised the biggest stuff up ever in this launch.

And I mean I lived in the United States twice in my life. After High School, I lived in Denver Colorado for six months. I came back here, got a degree and then I lived in Washington DC for another 6 months. After that, I spent 10 years in Australia, which is not relevant for this bit. But since I came back to the Netherlands, I have mainly surrounded myself with expats. 

So I’ve somehow been living in this global community, online, offline, everywhere and what did I forget? The last day of this membership launch, the day that it’s like BUY NOW or things go up in price and all that kind of stuff. It is Thanksgiving in the US.

How stupid can you be?

But you know what? I’m just going to change it. Yep. So few people would have seen things that say, oh you got to buy before Thursday night 26th of November at 8 p.m. My time. And then it may or may not say what kind that is in other parts of the world. And I’m just going to change it.

On the one hand, with launches and things, there’s always this thing. If you say this day, this time, that’s it. We’re going to cut it off. Then don’t sell it for that same price after that. And that is fair enough, you know, you want to be reliable you want to be trustworthy.

But because I’ve still got two days, I will go on my website, reset the timer, change the wording so that I still stick to it, that if you hit my website And it says that the membership is only available at this rate, until this day this time, and this has passed and you don’t go and buy, yep. It’ll be a hundred euros more. So that is a thing. I really need to fix it today. And that was my quick news [mumble] launch.

Oh something else, don’t know if you’ve really looked into – so here’s a business tip coming up – Don’t know how much you really looked into marketing and maybe email marketing or sales pages all that in your business.

The biggest thing they’re always telling us… Have ONE, only one, call to action. Don’t give people different things to click on, because either they get confused and click nothing or they might click the wrong thing. So only promote one thing at a time. 

So what did I do today? I sent out an extra email a Facebook post and a LinkedIn post to let people know about LinkedIn Tea. My free weekly LinkedIn training that is happening today and I wanted a few more bums on seats so yeah to completely confuse people whilst I’m in a launch, trying to sell a paid membership, [unintelligent sounds] brilliant membership really, more about that later. 

So while I’m doing this, suddenly I spend the day promoting a free thing in the middle of it. Yeah. Marketing maybe not my strongest point. 

☑ LinkedIn Training.

☑ Business Coaching.

☑ Having fun.


?????? What was your best ‘save’ when you stuffed up? ??????