LinkedIn Training for Purpose Driven Global Entrepreneurs and Teams


Imagine only doing what you love most – talk about your fav topic (you know, the one that your business is all about) – and that people start talking behind your back. Referring to you as THE expert in your field!

No more ‘discovery calls’ with people that you sooooo don’t want to work with. No cold calling or other scary shit either. Just have fun and let your perfect-fit dream clients discover you!

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Ready to get the most out of your time on LinkedIn?

Pick a format below to learn, implement and get results from your time on LinkedIn. Build a LinkedIn Presence that turns your network into ambassadors and clients so that you grow your business organically in a way that fits your business, your personality and your values.

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Develop a LinkedIn Strategy that matches YOUR personality, values and time constraints so that LinkedIn is fun & profitable.

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The most comprehensive & fun online LinkedIn Training Program to create a LinkedIn Presence that gets you clients.

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Work with me 1-on-1 on your Profile, Content & Strategy. So that your LinkedIn Presence attracts your dream clients.

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Hey, hey! I’m Petra Fisher, the kick-ass entrepreneur too shy for acquisition (#TrueStory).

I work with purpose-driven, values-based, socially engaged (take your pick) business owners around the globe to turn their LinkedIn network into raving fans, referring ambassadors and dream clients so that they (you?) organically grow their business and create more impact in their chosen “do-gooder” field.

You started your business to make a difference AND work on your terms, right? Work with people you love to work with, share your knowledge and insights to empower others. I get ya, same here!

The problem is you have all this amazing knowledge but as a business owner, you are suddenly also the marketing department, social media manager and copywriter, roles you may not have signed up for.

You’ve heard LinkedIn can work miracles so you post great content, comment and like regularly, connect where appropriate… but don’t see any results.

How frustrating is that? I know, cos I’ve been there! Yet I’ve now been in business since 2011 without doing scary shit such as cold outreach to get clients.

How about YOU? Are you ready to level up? Give your business the time and attention it really needs and start taking action to attract dream clients now?  Then we need to talk!

“To get coached by Petra is more fun than work whilst achieving tangible and compelling results. Her real strength is to quickly get to the core.”

~ Dagmar Hopf, Transition Coach ~