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Get Noticed, Mentioned & Remembered on LinkedIn

So that you attract those CLIENTS that YOU LOVE to work with!

Imagine you had a fun and doable STRATEGY to ATTRACT just those CLIENTS that YOU love to work with! Without feeling trapped between how you think you “should behave on LinkedIn” and how you would love to show up? Without feeling uneasy (even promotional) talking about your expertise.

Imagine you had a blueprint to follow in your own unique style, showing your expertise and personality, so that you will be noticed, mentioned & remembered by those people YOU love to work with. A strategy that helps you stay on people’s minds consistently AND that allows you to drop the ball and get back on track easily and guilt-free?

That is precisely what I have in mind for you!

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Click the button and join the “Get Noticed, Mentioned & Remembered” program so that you start ATTRACTING those clients that YOU 💟 to work with!

Accelerate your business through authentically growing and engaging your network, sharing your expertise and creating a wicked LinkedIn Presence! No cold calling or other scary shit needed.

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Hi! I’m Petra, the kick-ass entrepreneur too shy for acquisition.

I work with service-based entrepreneurs around the globe to grow their business organically by becoming visible so that they ATTRACT only their most brilliant, fun and motivated clients.

You started your business to work on your terms, right? Work with people you love to work with, sharing your knowledge and insights to empower others. I get ya, same here!

The problem is you have all this amazing knowledge but as a business owner, you are suddenly also the marketing department which you may not have signed up for.

You’ve heard LinkedIn can work miracles, you post great content, comment and like daily, connect where appropriate… but don’t see any results.

How frustrating is that? I know, cos I’ve been there! Mind you, I’ve now been in business for over 10 years without doing outreach to get clients.

Are you ready to level up? Give your business the time and attention it really needs and start taking action to attract dream clients now? Then we need to talk!

“To get coached by Petra is more fun than work whilst achieving tangible and compelling results. Her real strength is to quickly get to the core.”


Imagine your dream client landing on your LinkedIn Profile. Imagine them immediately feeling you’ve read their mind. Imagine them feeling, ‘WOW! At last! THIS is what I’m looking for! Guess what? You can easily make it happen! Grab your free copy of the LinkedIn Profile Workbook and revamp your LinkedIn Profile so that it RESONATES, top to bottom, with your DREAM CLIENT. Transform your LinkedIn Profile from a dull list of past responsibilities to your professional narrative giving CREDIBILITY to the services you deliver today!