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First impressions are made online. Your LinkedIn Presence needs to nail that first impression, even when you are asleep! Your LinkedIn Presence shows all your strengths (even the ones you’re not yet aware of) when I’m done with you.

When your dream client (next employer) visits your LinkedIn they’ll KNOW “This is the person I’m looking for”. Everything resonates. The tone, the style, your experience and your skills. You’ll only be approached by people YOU love working with! All others probably run a mile and that is totally cool.


LinkedIn for Entrepreneurs

  • Does your LinkedIn Presence attract your dream client?
  • Are you engaging with the right people/content?
  • Does your ‘recent activity’ strengthen your brand?

LinkedIn for Companies

  • Is there weekly new content on your Company Page?
  • Do key people interact with your content to amplify its reach?
  • Do employees share content relevant to your business relations?

LinkedIn for Professionals

  • Is there a global move in your past/future?
  • Does your LinkedIn Presence lack personality?
  • Did your career take a 180-degree turn?


My clients have one common denominator: they all operate in an international environment. Having said that, my clients are as diverse as it gets: ranging from SVP and Directors in global companies to Solo Entrepreneurs worldwide. They all want LinkedIn to be a fun task, not a chore that drops to the bottom of their to-do list.

I’ve mainly worked with service-based businesses such as: Educational Institutions, Banks, Research Companies, The Energy Project (they are in a league of their own), Local Governments and Recycling Companies. As long as you are not in the weapons, fur or tobacco industry, feel free to add your company to this list.

Individual clients tend to be: Entrepreneurs such as Coaches, Consultants, and other Service Providers. Corporate Professionals I’ve worked with are VP Marketing and Communication, Senior Managers, HR Professionals, Account Managers and Controllers. Anyone walking in with a cup of Earl Grey (weak, no milk, no sugar) gains extra time.

My name is Petra Fisher, Dutch/Australian consultant, trainer and lifelong explainer. Also known as brain picker, sparring partner and “having a way with words”. Empowering others comes as naturally to me as breathing. Seeing the penny drop is what makes my day. Got a Big Fat Red Cat, Teenage Daughter, and Love for Crochet, more goss on the “Petra Fisher” page.

My ever curious mind combined with quick thinking-on-my-feet gain you a LinkedIn profile and personal strategy that have you known with the right audience in no time. Work with me 1-on-1 for maximum result or choose another option that best suits your needs. Wondering if my clients are as pleased with me as I am? Have a look at what they have to say about working with me. If you know your LinkedIn profile needs some TLC then now is the time to stop procrastinating and get things moving. Step 1: enter your name and email below and hit the button to grab your copy of my FREE LinkedIn Profile Workbook.