Want only genuine LinkedIn Endorsements? [reading time: 30 sec]



Its as easy as counting to three! Just opt out of LinkedIn suggesting others what to endorse you for! And get rid of the nagging to endorse others whilst your at it!

  1. Choose if you want to receive endorsements on your skills
  2. This is where you get really happy!
  3. Reorganise your skills as explained in taking control over the skills LinkedIn Bingo Card (LinkedIn Endorsements).

>>>What is the first change you will make?<<<

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Petra Fisher is a Dutch/Australian speaker, trainer and coach who shows international professionals and executives how to leverage LinkedIn to achieve personal, professional and business goals. Wannabe Nerd | Train the Trainer | Allround Happy Person | @petrafisher| Amsterdam | Australia | USA | Skype ★ Guest speaker on English Breakfast Radio, published in Marketing Rendement and Z24.nl business news site, co-facilitating training with Mike O'Neil and Lori Ruff at USA LinkedIn Event.
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  2. ikomrad says:

    This doesn’t appear to work any more. Have you found this to me true?

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