Only relevant LinkedIn updates on your homepage [reading time: 2min]

linkedin-updates-linkedin-timeline-petra-fisher-trainerHow often do you check LinkedIn? Once a week? Daily, multiple times a day? And when you do, how far back do you scroll through the updates on your timeline? I bet not very far. Definitely not all the way back to the last update you saw in order not to miss out. I don’t blame you. Continue reading

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500+ LinkedIn connections, how many exactly is that? [reading time: 1 min]

 500+ LinkedIn Connections, how many is that?

500+LinkedIn-connections-petra-fisher-trainer-coach-expertYou may argue its just curiosity, but no real need to know. But then again…  Maybe you consider a person with 700 connections more real than a person with 7000 connections. Or maybe you want to strategically comment on updates from people with substantial networks, to broaden your reach and become top of mind more easily. So how do you find out? In just 3 quick and easy steps! Continue reading

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2 Ways to move things around on LinkedIn [reading time: 60 sec]

Moving sections around on LinkedIn isn’t new.

So why write about it now? Because plenty of people don’t know about it yet. And … because things have changed recently (December 2014). So just two short tips in this post. Continue reading

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Top 3 ways to annoy people with your LinkedIn Invitation [reading time: 2.5 min]

Ultimate-Personal-LinkedIn-Training-Petra-FisherDoes your LinkedIn Invitation annoy people?

Read on to find out. I am sure YOU would never send a standard LinkedIn Invite. One you didn’t customise, but I have! Yes, sure have. Let me tell you how it happened… Continue reading

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LinkedIn Profile Language vs LinkedIn Interface Language [reading time: 90 sec]

If English is your first language and the first language of your target audience as well, then you can skip this article. If not … read on and find out about the LinkedIn Interface Language and the LinkedIn Profile Language. Continue reading

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When is it appropriate to contact LinkedIn connections? [reading time: 4 min]

LinkedIn-Live-Event-International-Professionals-Petra-Fisher-TrainingI did a little experiment yesterday. I wondered how many LinkedIn connections would disconnect from me, if I send them a ‘selly-sell’ messages through LinkedIn. The good news? So far, none. However, I have no idea if anyone marked my message as spam. So I should put a disclaimer here: “Don’t try this at home”. Continue reading

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Want only genuine LinkedIn Endorsements? [reading time: 30 sec]



Its as easy as counting to three! Just opt out of LinkedIn suggesting others what to endorse you for! And get rid of the nagging to endorse others whilst your at it!

  1. Choose if you want to receive endorsements on your skills
  2. This is where you get really happy!
  3. Reorganise your skills as explained in taking control over the skills LinkedIn Bingo Card (LinkedIn Endorsements).

>>>What is the first change you will make?<<<

PS You might also like the post by Donna Svei 7 Steps to Make Your LinkedIn Endorsements Believable

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Take control over your LinkedIn Bingo Card (LinkedIn Endorsements)

LINKEDIN-ENDORSEMENTS-reorder-linkedin-training-petra-fisher-coaching-workshop-01LinkedIn displays skills ranked by number of LinkedIn endorsements. The skill with the most endorsements first. The ten top most endorsed skills form your Bingo Card. You need 12 pretty faces to vouch for you on ten skills and your card is full BINGO. What if you find another skill more important? You can now move it to the position you want. Continue reading

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You can now block individual users on LinkedIn, would you? [reading time: 90 sec]

LinkedIn-Petra_Fisher-Trainer-Coach-Training-TipIs it possible to block LinkedIn user from viewing my profile? For years I used to answer: “nope”, as of last Thursday my answer is: “Yes, but…” (there is always a but isn’t there?). Before I show you how to do it (it is too easy) let me explain what blocking a person on LinkedIn does and doesn’t do… Continue reading

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Never use your LinkedIn Summary to well … summarise [reading time: 90 sec]

LinkedIn-Summary-Profile-Petra-Fisher-Training-CoachingLinkedIn Summary:

One of the most important components of your LinkedIn Profile.
Even though it is called “LinkedIn Summary” I strongly advice you NOT to summarise your profile here. It’s boring. No one reads it. And don’t forget: your LinkedIn Profile is a website. The average visitor decides within 10 seconds to read on or move on. Continue reading

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